Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Honor Tea House

Dim sum.
Short Orders.
Special Shabu-Shabu.
All in one place.

I think I've found another treasure in the middle of a bingo place, pet shops, a hot pot favorite and a government agency. Since DB and I were too lazy for shabu-shabu (not really in the mood to cook that time), we opted to order ala carte. We were expecting that since there are only three occupied tables that night, service would be fast. But it wasn't. And we were too lazy to even complain.

Anyway, here's what we ordered

Taiwan Pechay Sauteed in Garlic -- I love pechay! The garlic bits went well with the dish.

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet -- Crispy on the outside, yummy on the inside. Definitely worth the wait.

White Chicken -- If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know by now that I love Hainanese and
White Chicken. No matter where we go, that's the first thing that I look for on the menu.
Yes, I am addicted to it like that. Honor's version was very tasty and tender,
just a bit dry though, and offers huge servings.

Best eaten with ginger sauce

We paid around Php500 for our meal which was a steal for the quality of food that they serve. In DB's words, "Another place we can go if we're looking for a decent meal on a budget."


Honor Tea House
Unit M-6 Lifestyle City
Hobbies of Asia, Macapagal Ave.
Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 836-8368

Monday, October 24, 2011

Yasubei Bar and Restaurant

Running out of ideas on where to eat, we passed by Aseana Power Station along Roxas Blvd. for gas one night and decided to check out the restaurants there. Between a noodle house and a Japanese restaurant, we would always choose the latter any time.

Here's what we ordered

Takoyaki -- What a waste of calories! I should have listened to DB that this is not
worth ordering, those being sold in the malls taste so much better!

Yakisoba which looks more like Pancit Canton to me.

Hiyashi Ramen -- The dressing was too sweet for my taste. I can make a better and yummier version of this.
Yes, I can cook now and I'm so proud it! *wink*

I don't think we'll be back anytime soon. A Japanese restaurant/bar sounds like a great idea, a very promising one at that. Maybe if the food that they serve would go with the price they charge, people would go out of their way to go here. But for now, we'll stick with our favorite Japanese restaurants like Tanabe and Miyabi Express.


Yasubei Bar and Restaurant
GF Aseana Power Station
Macapagal Blvd. corner Bradco Ave.
Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 854-3786

Monday, October 17, 2011

Furusato Japanese Restaurant


I've been hearing about this restaurant from DB ever since I met him but never really had the chance to try it out until last week. Whenever I ask him what's his favorite Japanese restaurant, its always Furusato. From what I've read, this has been in existence since the 70's and is a favorite spot of both Japanese expats and locals who crave for authentic and good quality Japanese food.

Upon entering the restaurant, it felt like we were transported in the 70's, I bet no renovation or upgrade was done to the place since then! The furniture and decoration are so outdated, some almost tearing apart, and the place literally smells old.

Good thing the staff are so accommodating and nice which somehow made up for the look and smell of the place. And when I saw how DB's face lit up when he was browsing the menu, I knew he was home.

Since the main reason why we went to Furusato is for the food and not the ambiance, though it would be so much nicer to sit and dine on well-kept tables and chairs, we scanned the menu and ordered right away.

On the table

Free appetizers

DB had the Autumn Bento which consist of Cold Soba, Assorted Sushi and Sashimi.

I prefer Tanabe or Miyabi over this anytime where freshness and presentation is consistently superb.

DB's love affair with Futo Maki started at Furusato.

I, on the other hand, had Winter Bento which had Miso Soup, Rice and Sukiyaki.

Perfect meal on a cold and rainy night.

After all my ranting, it wouldn't be a surprise if we go back to Furusato within the week. As the saying goes, home is where the heart is.


Furusato Japanese Restaurant
1712 Roxas Blvd. (beside Traders Hotel)
Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 525-1005 / 523-4147 / 523-0476

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ukokkei Ramen Ron

I rarely eat ramen. So when DB told me he wanted to go and try out Ukokkei Ramen Ron, I grabbed my phone and searched for the menu right away. I was relieved to learn that they have other dishes on the menu aside from well, ramen.

From Paranaque, it took us an hour to get to the Makati branch because of the heavy Friday traffic and a couple of wrong turns. So I told myself, this should better be worth it.

The waitress gave us the menu as soon as we were seated. She recommended that we get the Shoyu Chashu, one of their best sellers, which is basically soy-based broth ramen with slow-simmered pork belly.

Ukokkei Shoyu Chashu

Full of flavors and definitely a comfort food.

Since I am not really a fan of ramen to begin with, DB suggested that I order Ukkokei Hiyashi Ramen Goma instead. After the first bite, I knew I finally met THE ONE! Cold soba with very delicious sesame dressing topped with little pieces of pork -- Oh! I am drooling as I am writing this, so to speak.

Hiyashi Ramen Goma -- Soba with egg, cucumber, pork cut into small pieces and seaweeds in sesame dressing.

I am now a convert! I highly recommend Ukokkei Ramen Ron just even after one visit. You guys should try it out also!


Ukokkei Ramen Ron
Unit 1 - 2 Upper Ground Floor Tesoro Bldg.
822 Arnaiz Avenue (formerly Pasay Road)
Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 856-4588

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Arya Persian Restaurant

Dubbed as the best in Manila, Arya Persian Restaurant is your best bet if you're craving for good and hot Persian cuisine. Want proof? Well, this family-owned and operated restaurant has been included in Philippine Tatler's Best Restaurants in Manila since 2007.

The place was very cozy and it really felt like we were transported into some restaurant in the Mediterranean.

On the table

Plain Yogurt

I used to love Green Tomato's Yogurt drink but after a couple of boo boos (one time it was really
sweet then next time too sour) I began my haunt for the best yogurt drink and I think I
have finally found it! I even saw a couple ordering this to go. The sweetness
was just perfect and it was so refreshing!

Beef Barg -- Tender marinated beef steak, sliced, skewered and charbroiled served with Biryani rice

When the waiter placed our orders to the table, we were like WOW! It was really good for 2 persons.
We were used to waiters telling us that the meals are good for sharing but ended up ordering
more, but this one lives up to its claim. As for the taste, I only have three words --
TO DIE FOR! It was really mouth-watering and so delicious!

Lamb Biryani -- Tender lamb shank stewed in spicy Biryani sauce served with Biryani rice.

Lamb was very tender and full of flavors!

What I love most about Persian cuisine is that the flavors is not overpowering which is very common in most Mediterranean cuisines. Arya maybe a bit more expensive than most restaurants which offer the same type of food, but the quality is really topnotch which makes dining here an experience in itself. I highly recommend this. What are you waiting for? Go call and reserve now!


Arya Persian Restaurant
2nd Level, Midtown Wing, Robinsons Place Manila
Pedro Gil cor. Adriatico Sts., Ermita
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 567-3800

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lydia's Lechon Restaurant

I don't know anyone who doesn't love Lechon. I even know some people who would kill for that crispy and tasty skin. *wink*  Even Anthony Bourdain hails our Lechon as the best roasted pig ever! And why not? This babies are slowly roasted (sometimes it takes one whole day!) making the meat still moist and delicious while the skin crispy and crunchy.

We all know that Lechon Cebu is the best, but here in Manila, one of the more popular names is Lydia's Lechon. Are you also curious how Lydia's became a household name? Here's an overview.

With P500.00 as starting capital way back in 1965, Lydia and Benigno de Roca opened the first Lydia's Lechon retail stall just outside of the Our Lady of Sorrows Church, F.B. Harrison St., Pasay City (Philippines).

Some devotees of the church, who happened to be in the restaurant and hotel business, tried their lechon and appreciated its cebu-style taste and freshness. Word of mouth began to spread of the savory taste of the couple's lechon. They began to grow a decent following from the regulars of the church . Soon, they started to get orders for whole lechons.

In 1986 they opened their first self-service restaurant along the service road of Roxas Blvd., Baclaran, ParaƱaque City. While their patrons began to grow, the couple thought of giving them alternative to the cebu-style lechon. Then, the boneless lechon stuffed with seafood paella was launched. It was an instant hit; a unique gastronomical experience. Source

Anyway, here's what we ordered

Half a kilo of honest-to-goodness Lydia's lechon which DB and I consumed in just 10 minutes!

Ensaladang Mangga with Sweet Bagoong -- Perfect appetizer

Kare-Kare -- Fresh vegetables with Beef in Peanut Sauce, another Filipino favorite!


Lydia's Lechon
551 Service Road, Roxas Blvd.
Baclaran, ParaƱaque City, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 851-2987 / 851-2988

Monday, October 3, 2011

Dimsum Night at Golden Bay Restaurant

It was a crazy day at work. It was already 5pm and I still haven't had my lunch yet. Good thing Golden Bay Restaurant is near, which fortunately for us, offers 50% off promo on all their dimsum for both lunch and dinner time!

Browsing thru the 80 plus dim sum menu!

Roast Chicken and Duck

Mantis Prawns are placed in separate bottles so they won't kill each other

No smoking area

Here's what we ordered

A plate of boiled peanuts was free and refillable

Shrimp Hakaw -- So delicious, so flavorful and so filling!

Crystal Spinach Dumpling -- My favorite from all our orders, I never knew spinach could be so yummy!

Malay Cake -- Moist cake dessert in between dumplings and rice rolls

Seafood Salad -- Too much mayonnaise

Radish Cake -- Best eaten hot so the oil won't be too overwhelming

Taro Puff -- Surprisingly good!

Steamed Rice Roll

Spare ribs -- A little more spice and flavor would be nice

Mango Pudding -- Not too sweet and blended with mango tidbits just the way I like it

Promo was until the 30th of September only, I apologize for not sharing this sooner. But hey, paying for the whole price isn't such a bad idea since the prices range between Php120 - Php180 only.


Golden Bay Restaurant
Block A2. CBP,
Diosdado Macapagal Blvd.
Pasay City, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 556-7525 to 7527
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