Monday, June 17, 2013

Ultimate Spa Experience at SPA La Mer


A word that best describes my mental and emotional state in the past few weeks. On normal circumstances, DB and I would usually spend the weekend in an out of town location to rest and renew our sore mind and body. But since it had been a busy time with work and school for me has started, we agreed on taking a staycation in the Metro last Independence Day holiday.

Since his work schedule is bound to change from time to time, our plan also needs to adapt to the time we had left for the day. So after having a very filling and delicious dinner at Miyabi Express in Pan Pacific Hotel, we proceeded to SPA La Mer in HK Sun Plaza along Macapagal Avenue for the much-needed and well-deserved massage and spa.

SPA La Mer, the newest and the most gorgeous spa in the city, opened its doors last March 14, 2013 to cater both Filipino and foreign markets. In fact, according to the very friendly Korean owner who attended to us personally, more and more Chinese and Korean tourists are visiting the spa as part of their itinerary in Manila. We even saw a couple of them when we arrived.

Now, let me validate the word gorgeous as an apt description of SPA La Mer.

Lovely chairs! Can I take one home? *wink*

Fresh roses everywhere!

I really felt like a Princess just by sitting there and waiting for our room to become available. Hot tea was served to us while the owner-couple explained the services they are currently offering. The voucher we bought through Metrodeal at Php749 per person treats us to an 80-minute full body Swedish or Shiatsu massage with Foot Bath in a private room.

But DB thought we deserve something more special so we paid an additional Php1500 (for the two of us) for the upgraded service package of an 80-minute Hot Stone Massage, Bubble Bath and use of the private room for three hours!

As I was checking out the place, the lady owner showed me their equally beautiful corridor with dried roses on the floor and ceiling. What a brilliant idea!

A good few minutes later, one of the staff asked us to remove our shoes and provided us with their reflexology massage slippers. After that, we were ushered to one of the private rooms and were told to change clothes as well.

It took me sometime before I was able to speak and finally blurt out, "Wow! This is a nice place!"

Except for the two massage beds, this could easily pass for a five-star hotel room!

Our ultimate Spa experience started off with a 5-minute foot massage then followed by a very relaxing and totally rejuvenating 80-minute Hot Stone massage. The smell of the lavender oil, the soothing background music and the expert hands of my therapist made doze off for almost the entire time! I don't usually like falling asleep while having a massage but the combination of those three factors made it so hard for me to stay awake!

Apparently, so is DB who's lying down on the bed beside me. *wink*

After the massage, we were given the privacy of the room for the finale of the night -- Bubble Bath! The soap, along with most of the products that they use here are imported from Korea.

Complimentary wine with biscuits and cheese were also given before our therapists left us.

We spent our time in the tub making sure the bubbles does not pop easily while talking about anything and everything under the sun! It was indeed a fun, delightful and relaxing night that DB and I sorely missed and have been dreaming of for quite a while now.

Thanks to SPA La Mer, our newfound haven is just a 10-minute drive away from work!

Note: From now until end of the month, there's a 30% discount being offered for all their services. So what are you waiting for? Go now and experience the ultimate indulgence for your mind and body and I assure you, it's worth every Peso!


SPA La Mer
8001 HK Sun Plaza, Macapagal Avenue
Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 551-1672 / 403-4205

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