Sunday, February 28, 2016

Morganfield's: Home of Sticky Bones

With so many new restaurants and franchises opening in the Metro in the past months, its becoming harder to keep up and try them all. It was my first time to venture in this side of BGC and I was elated that constructions were ongoing left and right, signs of progress and definitely more restaurants to look forward to. One that we were able to try recently is Morganfield's, an old American diner that combines life's greatest passions -- music and food.

CS and I skipped lunch to make it on time for that day's first screening of Deadpool. Good decision that we watched the movie first before stuffing ourselves with ribs with all that carnage! From the cinema, we walked two floors down to the veranda where Morganfield's is located. It was surprisingly packed on a Sunday afternoon that we waited about 20 minutes before getting a table.

What we ordered

Russet Potato Skins - Php195.00

Perfect appetizer to get things going and excite our palate while waiting for the main course. We wanted to order more but it might get us stuffed too much so we settled for 3 pieces each.

Jack Daniel's Iberico Baby Back Ribs - Php950.00

One out of three. 

With the 3 things going on in this plate, it was only Jack Daniel's Iberico Baby Back Ribs that made this feat worth our time and money. It was juicy and tender as no knife is required to separate the meat off the bones, just how the best ribs are supposed to be. On the other hand, the onion rings had a weird and somewhat disgusting taste, probably from the oil that was used to fry it, while the coleslaw was bland and watery. For comparison's sake: KFC's version tastes so much better.

I'd probably think twice before dining again at Morganfield's. Their customer service needs a lot of improvement and with its pricey menu, I can probably get the same amount of rib servings at half the price of what they charge or even less! In fact, I recently discovered an affordable and delicious rib place up North that I will be sharing to you in the coming days. Stay tuned!


2/F Uptown Place Mall
36th Street corner 9th Avenue, BGC
Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 246-9069

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Buzz Cafe by Bohol Bee Farm

Offering the best view when dining along Alona Beach, The Buzz Cafe is a beachfront restaurant of the famed Bohol Bee Farm. Every time we say we're dining elsewhere for variety's sake, our feet always lead us towards The Buzz Cafe which is just a mere 5-minute walk from Henann Resort. The ground floor is a shop that sells organic beauty products, spreads, dips and salad dressing, breads, pastries, ice cream and souvenirs which are mostly honey based and bee inspired.

Taking the stairs to the 2nd floor will lead you to the al fresco dining of The Buzz Cafe. Best seats in the house are by the large windows where you can have an unobstructed view of the ocean and the waves crashing to the shore. Apart from the unique yet homey interiors, I love how welcoming the staff are that you'd never feel unwanted and hurried out if you wish to stick around longer.

What we ordered

Guyabano and Mango Shake

Complimentary Bread with Pesto and Mango Spread

Fresh Lumpia

Carrot and Squash Muffins

Shrimp Pasta

Organic Fresh Salad

Seafood Lasagna

Grilled Sugpo with Red Rice

Dining at The Buzz Cafe only proves that healthy can be delicious too! Although the dishes were good enough for sharing, we make it a point to order at least two dishes per seating to try as much food as we can. To guarantee its freshness, all dishes are cooked by order so prepare to wait especially if the place is packed. Prices were a bit more expensive as compared to the menu from nearby restaurants but the view from our table is definitely worth paying for the difference.

Goodbye Bohol, see you again soon!


The Buzz Cafe by Bohol Bee Farm
Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island
Bohol, Philippines
Tel.: (6338) 510-1822

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How Henann Panglao Turns Magical at Night

Henann Resort Alona Beach surely is a lovely place during the day (click here) but wait until you see it at night time. I had to make a separate post to feature how the resort turns magical once the sun sets down and the lights take over to transform Henann to a place you only see in magazines.

The biggest convention center in Bohol, I can just imagine how many companies will flock Henann in the coming days being the perfect place to work during the day then play and relax at night fall.

CS and I had dinner at the resort's beachfront restaurant, Sea Breeze Beach Club on day one. Apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet, they also offer ala carte Asian and Western food at affordable prices. Budget per person ranges from Php300 to Php500 per person.

Mango Shake

Choco Banana Shake

Mushroom and Cheese Pizza

Honey-mustard Chicken Pasta

And now, I will let the photos speak for themselves -- the stunning Henann Panglao at night.

Besides the world-class facilities and topnotch service, Henann Resort's location is one major draw why I consider it to be the best resort in Panglao. Conveniently located along Alona Beach, a 5-minute walk will get you to rows of more affordable resorts, shops and restaurants if you wish to dine by the beach. As majority of tourists and shop owners in Panglao are foreign nationals, cuisine is as diverse as their culture giving travelers more options to choose from.

Grilled Sugpo

Roast Pork Loin

Bohol is truly an underrated destination. This is just my second time in Bohol and I must admit that before this particular trip, my appreciation to its beauty is bordering minimal. I thought I'd seen it all when I first traveled back in 2010 but Henann Resort showed me how wonderful and amazing this side of Panglao is. It is really more fun to travel in the Philippines!
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