Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Buzz Cafe by Bohol Bee Farm

Offering the best view when dining along Alona Beach, The Buzz Cafe is a beachfront restaurant of the famed Bohol Bee Farm. Every time we say we're dining elsewhere for variety's sake, our feet always lead us towards The Buzz Cafe which is just a mere 5-minute walk from Henann Resort. The ground floor is a shop that sells organic beauty products, spreads, dips and salad dressing, breads, pastries, ice cream and souvenirs which are mostly honey based and bee inspired.

Taking the stairs to the 2nd floor will lead you to the al fresco dining of The Buzz Cafe. Best seats in the house are by the large windows where you can have an unobstructed view of the ocean and the waves crashing to the shore. Apart from the unique yet homey interiors, I love how welcoming the staff are that you'd never feel unwanted and hurried out if you wish to stick around longer.

What we ordered

Guyabano and Mango Shake

Complimentary Bread with Pesto and Mango Spread

Fresh Lumpia

Carrot and Squash Muffins

Shrimp Pasta

Organic Fresh Salad

Seafood Lasagna

Grilled Sugpo with Red Rice

Dining at The Buzz Cafe only proves that healthy can be delicious too! Although the dishes were good enough for sharing, we make it a point to order at least two dishes per seating to try as much food as we can. To guarantee its freshness, all dishes are cooked by order so prepare to wait especially if the place is packed. Prices were a bit more expensive as compared to the menu from nearby restaurants but the view from our table is definitely worth paying for the difference.

Goodbye Bohol, see you again soon!


The Buzz Cafe by Bohol Bee Farm
Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island
Bohol, Philippines
Tel.: (6338) 510-1822

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