Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How Henann Panglao Turns Magical at Night

Henann Resort Alona Beach surely is a lovely place during the day (click here) but wait until you see it at night time. I had to make a separate post to feature how the resort turns magical once the sun sets down and the lights take over to transform Henann to a place you only see in magazines.

The biggest convention center in Bohol, I can just imagine how many companies will flock Henann in the coming days being the perfect place to work during the day then play and relax at night fall.

CS and I had dinner at the resort's beachfront restaurant, Sea Breeze Beach Club on day one. Apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet, they also offer ala carte Asian and Western food at affordable prices. Budget per person ranges from Php300 to Php500 per person.

Mango Shake

Choco Banana Shake

Mushroom and Cheese Pizza

Honey-mustard Chicken Pasta

And now, I will let the photos speak for themselves -- the stunning Henann Panglao at night.

Besides the world-class facilities and topnotch service, Henann Resort's location is one major draw why I consider it to be the best resort in Panglao. Conveniently located along Alona Beach, a 5-minute walk will get you to rows of more affordable resorts, shops and restaurants if you wish to dine by the beach. As majority of tourists and shop owners in Panglao are foreign nationals, cuisine is as diverse as their culture giving travelers more options to choose from.

Grilled Sugpo

Roast Pork Loin

Bohol is truly an underrated destination. This is just my second time in Bohol and I must admit that before this particular trip, my appreciation to its beauty is bordering minimal. I thought I'd seen it all when I first traveled back in 2010 but Henann Resort showed me how wonderful and amazing this side of Panglao is. It is really more fun to travel in the Philippines!

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