Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I was chatting with a friend who is now based in Mexico and he was telling me how beautiful Cancun is and other things why I should (and the rest of the group) should visit him there. And then I realized that I cannot afford it. Oh well.

Later that evening, DB and I were strolling at the Mall of Asia and he asked me if I wanted to have dinner at Mexicali. It occurred to me that since I cannot afford a trip to Mexico (for now *high hopes*) the next best thing would be to indulge myself with Mexican food!

So here's what we ordered

Chicken Enchilada with Mexican Rice

Arroz ala Cubana -- Finished it to the last bite.

Ground Beef Taco Salad -- Fresh vegetables with taco and beef. Yum!

Affordable and delicious Mexican food within my reach. I wonder when can I afford a trip to Mexico. Hmmm..


Ground Level, Mall of Asia
Pasay City, Metro Manila
Tel.: (632) 556-0810

Monday, November 28, 2011

Churros con Chocolate at Dulcinea

Best eaten hot (and not too oily) and dipped in thick and mildly sweetened chocolate.

The best Churros con Chocolate this side of the planet.


North Wing, SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City, Metro Manila
Tel.: (632) 836-8496

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Dream

I rode a plane that will take me to a place most people call paradise.

The ride was very smooth, I slept like a baby, and woke up a couple of hours to this view.

Hello Batanes!

Landed at Basco Airport where a van patiently waited for our arrival to tour us around the place.

The town of Basco from a far.

Basco Lighthouse is located in Naidi Hills with lush greens overlooking the open sea. Amazing sight indeed!

The most prestigious resort in Batanes -- Fundacion Pacita, which I called home for a few days.

With a very beautiful manicured garden at the back.

So serene and so romantic.

Then the sun set in. How time flies when you're having a good time!

Kring..Kring..Kring.. *alarm beeping*

Sigh. So it was just a dream! A very nice one at that. If only I can go back to sleep and spend a few more hours in Batanes. But who knows, maybe someday I will.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Isle Esme

Located off the coast of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Isle Esme was the setting for the much-awaited honeymoon of Edward and Bella Cullen. According to the story, the island was a gift of Dr. Carlisle Cullen to his wife Esme, hence the name. It is said to have crystal clear waters with very fine sand, vast jungles (for the Cullen's of course) and different varieties of tropical fishes and dolphins.

Some fifteen steps away from the beach is a beautiful house which has large glass windows (similar to the Cullen's home back in Forks) and very light interiors. It  has two bedrooms (a master's bedroom which is all white and a smaller one which is the blue room), one large bathroom and a kitchen.

Late last year, Architectural Digest featured "Isle Esme" which, in real life, is the beachfront home of Brazilian businessman Icaro Fernandes and his family.

Some scenes during the shooting.

Okay, enough with the spoilers. *wink* Go watch Breaking Dawn now!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Mister Kabab

Dear Mister,

First of all, I would like to apologize for not coming back sooner. You see, its quite an effort to go to your place since we are on the opposite sides of the Metro. So every time I am in your vicinity, I make it a point to visit you and you only. (Let's keep that a secret between us okay? I don't want DB to suspect that you're really the reason I go there).

Anyway, its been a pleasure, as always, to having been served with the best and most affordable Persian food in the city. I promise to be back again soon.


P.S. No more price increase please?

After visiting a friend at the cemetery, I asked  DB if we can have lunch at one of my favorite restaurants -- Mister Kabab. It was my first time to go here in the afternoon and I am happy that we don't have to wait for a table (the place is packed most of the time but most especially during lunch and dinner times when waiting can be as long as 15 to 30 minutes).

No aircon but the big windows and high ceiling with lots of ceiling fans
(that's one per table) gives proper ventilation to the place.

Yogurt shake -- Sweet and so refreshing!

Pita bread

Hummus is very mild but still flavorful.

Special Beef Chelo Kabab -- My comfort food! Two strips of juicy and delicious ground beef served with
grilled tomatoes and buttered rice. Mix it with their homemade garlic and hot sauce and
you're ready to have the best meal of your life, no exaggeration!

"Ang batang matangkad, batang Star."
Oh wait, its not margarine but butter!


Mister Kabab
95A West Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Tel.: (632) 373-5941

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mann Yann

After a very disappointing movie also known as In Time, (I have always loved Justin Timberlake -- in the big screen and on stage, but this one's not worth the time and money) I wanted to make sure that dinner was perfect. It must be. 

At first I thought I read it wrong. But after a second look, it really says Mann Yann. DB then told me that its not unusual for some businesses with the same owners to carry (almost) the same name for legal purposes. No wonder the menu is quite similar also.

Here's what we ordered

Spicy Spareribs Rice -- As soon as the waiter placed this in front of me, I heard my tummy growl.
It smelled so good but it tasted ever better! There's barely no fat -- just spicy, yummy and tender meat.

Soy Chicken Rice for DB which he purposely did not share with me. Hmmp!

Taiwan Pechay -- Delicious as ever

Mann Yann surely did not disappoint. A perfect way to end a wonderful night.


Mann Yann
Robinsons Place Manila
Pedro Gil cor. Adriatico St. Ermita
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 400-6139
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