Thursday, March 28, 2019

Bali Hits & Misses: Warung Padi

Verdict: Worth the hype as this place is a definite HIT!

A restaurant that specializes in all things salmon? Count me in!

We arrived at the hotel too early for check-in so CS and I decided to look for a nice restaurant nearby. Armed with great reviews from Tripadvisor, we made our way to Warung Padi - a simple and charming place in the quiet side of Seminyak known for its delicious and cheap salmon dishes.

There's no air-conditioning so it can get pretty hot especially at noon time.

What we ordered

Salmon Soup - IDR25K

If you're looking for tasty, affordable, and healthy meals in Bali, look no further and head out to Warung Padi to try their authentic offerings with only the freshest ingredients available. Service may be slow at times but what better way to try the truest Balinese cuisine than by eating alongside locals and paying only IDR95K (around Php350.00) for a complete meal for 2!

Salmon Goreng - IDR45K

Fresh Watermelon Juice - IDR25K

Tip: Fresh salmon is delivered everyday and at limited quantities so come early (around 11AM is the best time to visit per our experience) to enjoy their delicious and cheap food. 

Highly recommended if you're traveling to Bali anytime soon!


Warung Padi
Jalan Teuku Umar Barat
Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara
Kota Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
Tel.: (62813) 5315-0644

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Costa NeoRomantica Day 3: Kanazawa, JP

Our home, Costa NeoRomantica, set sail for Kanazawa, Japan on the third day of our 5-day cruise. Having the chance to travel to unfamiliar cities in Japan is one of the many reasons why we booked this trip in the first place so hearing a strange new name gave us the much-needed energy for another full-packed day. But first, breakfast of champs for me, myself, and I!

Turkey Eggs Benedict with Bacon

With no concrete plan at hand, we just searched for the best seafood market in town and took the bus to our first destination - Omicho Market. Known as the largest seafood market in Kanazawa, Omicho houses about 200 shops and stalls selling not just local seafood but fruits, vegetables, flowers, souvenirs, and kitchen tools as well. And when in Japan, you have to try as much fresh produce as you can! Here I was with the best and sweetest scallops that money can buy.

When there are locals lining up, food must be great! CS and I have been living with this mantra especially when we're traveling abroad so even if we've been eating non-stop since we arrived, we wouldn't miss trying out a local restaurant in Omicho Market with a long waiting line.

Was the 40-minute waiting time worth it? Just take a look at that fresh and colorful bowl!

Next and final stop in our Kanazawa city tour was Higachi Chaya District.

An easy walk or a 5-min bus ride from Omicho Market, the Higashi Chaya District is a lovely neighborhood with beautifully preserved geisha houses. A chaya is an exclusive type of restaurant where guests are entertained by dancing and singing geisha. But through time, many chayas have already been converted into tea houses, cafes, restaurants, and gift shops.

Other buildings along the central street now house cafes and shops. Hakuza, one of these shops, sells one of Kanazawa's specialty, gold leaf products, that's incorporated in accessories, cakes, household items like glasses and plates, wines, and many other interesting items.

Hakuza also displays a tea ceremony room which is completely covered in gold leaf from inside out!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Bali Hits & Misses: Pandan Sari Cafe

Verdict: Worth the hype as this place is a definite HIT!

Our guide suggested for us to go to Jimbaran for sunset watching and seafood dinner. Also home to several luxurious accommodations like Four Seasons Resort and Intercontinental Bali, Jimabaran's dramatic sunset backdrop is the perfect venue for an afternoon swim, surfing, photo shoots, or just mere relaxation. There are actually several restaurants lined up along the beach but our guide recommended Pandan Sari Cafe as one of the best in the area.

On the table

Fresh coconut juice is always a good idea!

We ordered 1 kilo of grilled king prawns that took more than an hour to arrive. With just several occupied tables that afternoon, service was really really slow. Unfortunately, we were also seated by the beach so CS had to go back and forth to follow up on our orders as no staff comes our way to give any feedback. But what the restaurant lacked in customer service, it definitely lived up to its delicious offerings as the massive prawns were seasoned and grilled to absolute perfection!

Because rice is life! We had to reorder another cup because one is not enough for the both of us.

A plateful of complimentary and refillable sauteed vegetables were also provided for all diners.

Reasonably priced. 
Deliciously cooked to perfection.

Pandan Sari Cafe is undoubtedly the best seafood restaurant in Jimbaran!


Pandan Sari Cafe
Jalan Bukit Permai, Jimbaran
Kuta Sel., Bali, Indonesia
Tel.: (62361) 708698
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