Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Bali Hits & Misses: Pandan Sari Cafe

Verdict: Worth the hype as this place is a definite HIT!

Our guide suggested for us to go to Jimbaran for sunset watching and seafood dinner. Also home to several luxurious accommodations like Four Seasons Resort and Intercontinental Bali, Jimabaran's dramatic sunset backdrop is the perfect venue for an afternoon swim, surfing, photo shoots, or just mere relaxation. There are actually several restaurants lined up along the beach but our guide recommended Pandan Sari Cafe as one of the best in the area.

On the table

Fresh coconut juice is always a good idea!

We ordered 1 kilo of grilled king prawns that took more than an hour to arrive. With just several occupied tables that afternoon, service was really really slow. Unfortunately, we were also seated by the beach so CS had to go back and forth to follow up on our orders as no staff comes our way to give any feedback. But what the restaurant lacked in customer service, it definitely lived up to its delicious offerings as the massive prawns were seasoned and grilled to absolute perfection!

Because rice is life! We had to reorder another cup because one is not enough for the both of us.

A plateful of complimentary and refillable sauteed vegetables were also provided for all diners.

Reasonably priced. 
Deliciously cooked to perfection.

Pandan Sari Cafe is undoubtedly the best seafood restaurant in Jimbaran!


Pandan Sari Cafe
Jalan Bukit Permai, Jimbaran
Kuta Sel., Bali, Indonesia
Tel.: (62361) 708698

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