Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Shaburi: The Best Japanese Shabu-Shabu in Manila

When I learned that one of my favorite bloggers, Chuvaness, is opening an eat-all-you-can hotpot restaurant, I knew I had to go. Besides the fact that I trust her taste - literally and figuratively, its not easy to find a good and value for money shabu shabu here in Manila so a known and reputable brand from Japan might be the best thing we've been waiting for so long! I just did not expect us going back a week after our first lunch here then three more succeeding weekends after that. The Shaburi Wagyu dipped in their sweet sauce is so delicious and addictive!

As expected, interior is chic and functional with the buffet spread located in the middle of the restaurant. It may not look worthy of the price at first glance with its limited items as compared to the more popular Four Seasons Hotpot but if its the premium items that you're after, then you've come to the right place. Book thru Booky to get Php100 off with a minimum of Php1000 bill.

Fresh vegetables

More vegetables and fish balls



Fresh fruits

Dipping sauce


Fries, Carbonara, Chicken Karaage and Spicy Wings

Plain and Wagyu steak rice

Soda and juices

Soft serve ice cream

On the table

My staple shabu shabu ingredients: Taiwan pechay, loads of mushroom and a couple of lobster balls

Shaburi's Wagyu Steak Rice reminded me of Pepper Lunch's Beef Pepper Rice only to realize that its owned by the same power couple! Its yummy but I had to restrain myself from getting another cup.

When we feel like rewarding ourselves, we get the Shaburi Wagyu at Php1,349 per person (rate on dinner, weekends and holidays) inclusive of unlimited plates of shaburi wagyu, special beef, tasty beef and tender pork, all the ingredients and cooked dishes available, drinks and dessert. Just be mindful that guests are given 90 minutes only to order, cook and consume everything.

Shaburi Wagyu

Special Beef

Instead of the communal hotpot, Shaburi offers its guests their own hotpot where you can choose from any of the four premium soups. But since I'm drawn to anything with collagen in it, Paitan Chicken Collagen Soup has been my constant order in our past 4 visits.

Other soups you may want to try are:

  1. Original Konbu (Power of Calcium) - Good for children and pregnant women as it prevents fatigue, stress and improves stomach condition
  2. Sukiyaki (Sweet and Balance) - Served with an egg on the side to bring out the more flavors out of the beef; best for people who love sweet soup
  3. Hot Miso (Power of Health Control) - Studies show that miso lowers the risk of aging and fatigue and prevents stomach condition; recommended soup especially for first timers
  4. Paitan Chicken Collagen (Power of Beauty) - Rich in collagen for people who wants to have smooth and firm skin; My favorite soup in Shaburi!

Paitan Chicken Collagen

A refill of the same soup base would entail additional cost so we just ask for the complimentary seaweed soup, if necessary. A turn off for some people but we don't really mind as long as the quality of the meat is consistent. Besides, the soup provided is for cooking and not for drinking.

Shaburi's buffet may be pricey but the quality of the wagyu is worth saving up for. Most people would probably complain with the limited variety of  ingredients here but since everything we eat in any hotpot restaurant is offered in Shaburi, we don't miss the parade of greens and other balls that we usually take a pass on whenever we go to either Four Seasons or King One.

Except for the slow service during peak hours, I look forward to another visit soon!


4F Veranda, Uptown Place Mall
36th St. corner 9th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 805-2932

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hotel Review: Go Hotels Manila Airport Road

Known for its promo fares that are sometimes cheaper than bus tickets, Cebu Pacific Air has been dominating the domestic travel scene in the Philippines since its establishment in 1996. With their "book early, pay less" concept, the airline has won the hearts and pockets of smart travelers all over the world and has provided opportunity for more Filipinos to travel and explore our own country. Counting on this vision, the Robinsons Hotel and Resorts group paved the way for variably-priced accommodation in the Philippines with their most affordable brand, Go Hotels.

As of 2016, Go Hotels currently has a total of 11 hotels within the country in strategic locations such as Bacolod, Butuan, Dumaguete, Iloilo, Davao, Mandaluyong (Manila), Ortigas Center (Manila), Otis (Manila), Puerto Princesa, Tacloban and their newest hotel in Manila Airport Road.

Booking promo tickets usually mean taking red eye or early flights so booking a room near the airport has been a routine to make sure we arrive in the airport on time. CS and I usually stay at Red Planet Aseana but we thought of checking out Go Hotels for back up since our favorite budget hotel is gaining immense popularity with locals and foreign tourists traveling on budget.

Check in was fast but thorough as the staff explained the details of our accommodation before handing me the key cards to our room. The security also insisted to accompany us to our room with our bags safely organized in the luggage cart. Another concept the hotel adapted from Cebu Pacific was stripping down the amenities to basic in order to lower the cost. Guests are then given the option to add on the things they may require like breakfast and hotel transfers.

Go Hotel offers a single type of accommodation but the bed can be requested to either a twin or a double bed. They also offer accessible rooms upon request but these are limited so make sure you specify upon booking. Our double room was surprisingly spacious but one major issue that really bothered me was the separate toilet and bath situated on opposite sides in the room.

Apart from the toilet and bath issue, the room was spotless and had the essential things we need within reach. The queen bed was comfortable and had fresh-smelling pillows to make your sleep even more pleasant. Other room amenities include a cable television, air-conditioning, an in-room safe, bedside telephone, clean towels, a mini closet and complimentary WiFi service.

Pros: Affordable room rates, convenient location near the airport, professional staff, clean and spacious room considering that its a budget hotel and availability of car rental services

Cons: Pay parking/valet service, separate toilet and bath, bring your own toiletries and thin walls


Go Hotels Manila Airport Road
608 Quirino Avenue
Brgy. Tambo, ParaƱaque City
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 818-8080

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Pure Nectar: A Healthy Airport Food Option

Gone are the days when airport food equate to fast food. While I love fries and chicken nuggets, I try to save my calorie intake for more delicious treats in my destination. And with more people striving to be fit and healthy, I am delighted to share that Pure Nectar is now open at Terminal 3!

From the same family that brought us Fruit Magic, Pure Nectar is the cold-pressed juice brand of the fruit shake Pinoy favorite. Cold-pressing is the newest technology in the juicing world where the cold-press machines are able to extract all vitamins and flavors from the produce.

Dalandan Cane - Php70.00
Strawberry Banana - Php100.00

Cold-pressed juices are extracted immediately from fruits and vegetables after harvest to maintain its freshness and must be stored well so they can last from 7 days up to 21 days in the freezer.

Chixsilog - Php195.00

Contrary to how Chixsilog is usually served from your neighbourhood tapsilog place, Pure Nectar's take on this silog favorite is a marriage of salty and sweet flavors from the crispy chicken teriyaki and salted egg sitting on top of a cup of brown rice with diced tomatoes and egg on the side.

Roasted Chicken Wrap - Php195.00

The Roasted Chicken Wrap is ideal if you like light and delicious snacks. Its also the perfect meal for short haul flights if you're taking a budget carrier with no complimentary meals on board.

Healthy and affordable doesn't usually come in pair but with Pure Nectar entering the NAIA dining scene, I now look forward to coming to the airport earlier than usual!


Pure Nectar
Departure Area, Terminal 3
Ninoy Aquino International Airport
Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
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