Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Pure Nectar: A Healthy Airport Food Option

Gone are the days when airport food equate to fast food. While I love fries and chicken nuggets, I try to save my calorie intake for more delicious treats in my destination. And with more people striving to be fit and healthy, I am delighted to share that Pure Nectar is now open at Terminal 3!

From the same family that brought us Fruit Magic, Pure Nectar is the cold-pressed juice brand of the fruit shake Pinoy favorite. Cold-pressing is the newest technology in the juicing world where the cold-press machines are able to extract all vitamins and flavors from the produce.

Dalandan Cane - Php70.00
Strawberry Banana - Php100.00

Cold-pressed juices are extracted immediately from fruits and vegetables after harvest to maintain its freshness and must be stored well so they can last from 7 days up to 21 days in the freezer.

Chixsilog - Php195.00

Contrary to how Chixsilog is usually served from your neighbourhood tapsilog place, Pure Nectar's take on this silog favorite is a marriage of salty and sweet flavors from the crispy chicken teriyaki and salted egg sitting on top of a cup of brown rice with diced tomatoes and egg on the side.

Roasted Chicken Wrap - Php195.00

The Roasted Chicken Wrap is ideal if you like light and delicious snacks. Its also the perfect meal for short haul flights if you're taking a budget carrier with no complimentary meals on board.

Healthy and affordable doesn't usually come in pair but with Pure Nectar entering the NAIA dining scene, I now look forward to coming to the airport earlier than usual!


Pure Nectar
Departure Area, Terminal 3
Ninoy Aquino International Airport
Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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