Thursday, December 27, 2012

Php280 Buffet at Malen's Restaurant

Php280 Roast Beef Buffet?! Is this for real?

I initially thought that my mind is playing tricks on me because there's no way a restaurant would offer a Roast Beef Buffet for that price. I mean even for provincial standards, Php280 is a cheap price to pay for a buffet with quality, delicious and decent food. At first, I thought they made a mistake on their Facebook page so I had to check again that afternoon if it was really true and it certainly was! Malen's really offers buffet on Friday nights with varying cuisine every week. 

There's no way I would miss this good deal for anything.

The buffet table was small as compared to other buffets I've been to but there's no other place in Cavite, especially in Manila for that matter, that offers delicious food for that price. This is THE Malen's Roast Beef we're talking here!

Taco Salad

Potato Soup

Mashed Potato

Roast Beef!!!

Buttered Vegetables

Fish Thermidor

Barbequed Pork Ribs


On our table

Taco Salad

It was a hit! It's like having a Taco/Nacho party where you can put as much toppings and cheese as you can, so worth the calories!

First plate

Roast Beef

Malen's Roast Beef never fails. It was tender and flavorful that both DB and I can't stop raving how good it was. Well, this wasn't our first time trying it but the thought that we can get as many servings of Roast Beef is a totally different experience!

Buttered Vegetables

It was too sweet. I like that it was crunchy and not soggy but the sweetness was overwhelming. It was like eating vegetables for dessert.

Barbequed Ribs

This was also a winner if only it wasn't too oily! It was literally dripping that I had to wipe the oil off with tissue paper. I would like to come back and get some more but the thought of ingesting too much oil in my system is unbearable.

My tummy definitely had a great time with Malen's buffet and I am planning to come back for more Roast Beef. Anyone up for this?


Malen's Pizza Pasta Bakeshop & Restaurant
9025 Magdiwang Highway
Noveleta, Cavite, Philippines
Tel.: (6346) 438-5027

Monday, December 24, 2012

merry CHRISTmas!

Wishing everyone the joys of the holiday season. Let's continue to be merry and wise! 
A toast to an even more bountiful new year! Cheers!

P.S. I know I've been very good because I have everything I have ever hoped for. Thank you Santa!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Coron Food Trip: Seadive Restaurant & Bar

Seadive Restaurant and Bar is located in the heart of Coron town built on water with a beautiful sea view. It's a top choice especially among tourists who love good food at reasonable prices. Aside from the bar and restaurant, Seadive also offers accommodation for budget-conscious travelers, diving courses, booking services and island-hopping tours.

Since the restaurant was full and we only had 30 minutes before the last orders are accepted, the receptionist asked us if it was okay to dine in the bar just beside the restaurant instead. We were already tired and so hungry then that they could put a table outside the restaurant and I won't complain. I just wanted to sit and eat as many fresh seafood as I can!

Having dinner while people were playing billiards or poker and drinking the night away was quite a strange thing to do but who cares, we were weakening from hunger already.

Living up to its name as a diver's spot, the walls are adorned with artifacts found in Coron Bay and nearby towns. I was most especially glued to this aircraft propeller, most likely from a Hell Diver Bomber, shot down near the island of Busuanga.

On the way to the restroom, you'll notice a cabinet full of smaller artifacts like jars, Chinese ceramics, bottles, helmets and other things divers were able to find in Coron Bay.

Seadive's menu ranges from local to Continental Cuisine to cater the influx of foreigners in the island. The chef offers a special dish every night as seen at the black board placed by the bar.

Fresh OJ

Adobong Pusit

Grilled Tanigue

Mashed Potatoes

Cucumber Salad

Buttered Shrimp

Steamed Vegetables

Verdict: The food were all good! I just hoped we were able to go earlier and I could have ordered lobster for dinner. The menu were quite expensive as compared to other restaurants in town but it's a price we're willing to pay for quality, delicious and fresh seafood.

Another satisfied customer!


Seadive Restaurant and Bar
Coron 5316
Palawan, Philippines
Tel.: (63920) 945-8714

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Authentic Bakery: Tous les Jours

I've been meaning to pay Tous les Jours a visit ever since I read that there's now a franchise in the country but SM North Edsa is way too far for me. I love breads and seeing how pretty the cakes were, I was really excited when I heard that they're opening a branch down South too. So imagine how wide my eyes have been when I saw that their store at the Mall of Asia is already open!

Right after my friend's birthday dinner at Uno Pizzeria, we passed by Tous les Jours before going home. I felt like Alice in Wonderland (or should I say Bread Wonderland) upon stepping foot to my newest favorite bread store in MOA. First thing I noticed was how organized the shelves were! The place was really clean and smells so good!

After making two rounds (I was undecided which one's to get) and asking the very accommodating staff about the breads, I came home with a bag full of these treats!

Sweet Black Rice Bread with Cream Cheese - Php48.00

The staff insisted I try the Sweet Black Rice Bread with Cream Cheese, one of their bestsellers, as she herself can't stop raving how yummy this is. So I bought two -- one for me and the other one for my dad who is also a bread lover. After one bite, I instantly knew that this is the one! The bread is really soft and delicious and the cream cheese was of top quality. Compared to others that I've tried, Tous les Jours' doesn't scrimp on ingredients so you won't feel bitin with the generous serving of cream cheese inside.

Baguette (Large) - Php68.00

My mom loves Baguette and I bought her one so she can try TLJ's version. She told me that it was also good and better from the ones I buy from two of the more popular bread shops.

Macaron de Paris at Php28.00 a piece

I got the 5-pack French Macarons at just Php28.00 per piece! I was craving for sweets that night so the colorful Macarons instantly got my attention. They got all the flavors then including Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Green Tea and Mango that I was able to try them all. The outside is a bit crunchy but the insides is so soft and chewy! I especially liked the Vanilla and Green Tea flavors but I'd take home any of the flavors anytime of the day.

I am so addicted to their breads that I've been visiting TLJ at least twice a week ever since!


Tous les Jours
Ground Floor, SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Monday, December 17, 2012

Coron Escapade: Mi Casa Lodge

Amid the Holiday stress and countless school reports, not to mention my full time day job, I was lucky to be able to squeeze in a quick trip to another paradise island in Palawan -- CORON!

It was really a last minute trip so there's no time to prepare anymore. I just google-d "hotels in Coron" and got a pageful of recommendations from different blogs and review sites. I clicked the first link and was immediately impressed with the photos of Coron Eco Lodge.

I excitedly called them up only to find out that they're already fully booked. The lady on the other line was kind enough to offer her help in finding our accommodation in Coron. She told me to wait for her call while she contact some other hotels and inns in town. A few minutes after, she texted me that she already booked us at Mi Casa along with the mobile no. of what she said is one of the newer inns in the area.

The following day, I found myself in front of Mi Casa Lodge.

The lodge opened last year and from then on, it had become a favorite among backpackers, families, friends and lovers who prefer a comfortable yet affordable accommodation in Coron.

I love that there are lounge chairs available on each floor. This one's taken on the second floor where our rooms are located. On the third floor is the roof top where you can star gaze or have an all-night chikahan session.

There are only a few rooms (less than 10 if I remember correctly) available in Mi Casa Lodge named after gemstones: Amethyst at Php1,600 per night (good for 2), Diamond at Php2,300 per night (good of 2), Garnet at Php1,500 per night (good for 2), Sapphire at Php2,500 per night (good for 3), Sardonyx at Php2,200 per night (good for 3) and their biggest room which is the Ruby Room at Php4,250 per night that can accommodate up to 6 adults.

Sapphire Room

The room was clean and comfortable. Aside from the air-conditioning, they also installed a ceiling fan if you prefer the natural breeze. The bathroom had hot and cold shower, the sink comes with a sensor (I had to wait for the water to come out though) but if I may, I would like to suggest some minor improvements like having a wider sink (extra room for my kikay kit) and a softer and bigger towel. It's hard as it is to use a small towel but it's even harder when the towel can barely dry my hair and body.

We woke up early the following day to have breakfast before catching our flight back to Manila. The receptionist asked us to choose from their breakfast menu the night before so they can prepare them ahead of time.

So early that it was already cold when it was served to us.

Bangus + Sinangag + Itlog = Bangsilog

Tapa + Sinangag + Itlog = Tapsilog

Good thing Yakult was available (for sale of course) to save the day!


Mi Casa Lodge
National Highway, Barangay 1
Coron, Palawan, Philippines
Tel.: (63919) 910-1010 / (63926) 320-7717

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Red Velvet Cupcakes from Sophie's Mom

I don't know Sophie or her mom personally but what I do know is that they make this ultrasupermega delicious Red Velvet Cupcakes! I've been raving about Karen's (Karen's Kitchen) Red Velvet Cake for the past few months now until I saw SM's booth at the recent SuperSale Bazaar and all the fantastic memories I've had eating them came back to me like a flashback!

The Red Velvet Cupcakes are sold at Php50.00 a piece and comes in this cute little box perfect for a Princess. Aside from this, I heard they also make other great pastries and cupcakes but Red Velvet is and will always be my first love. As much as I would want to try their other treats, I always come back to this.

Sophie's Mom's Red Velvet Cupcakes are perfectly sweetened and had no overpowering taste. It doesn't just look pretty but it's so yummy too! The cupcake is dense yet moist and they use top quality Cream Cheese frosting that I really love!

Generous Cream Cheese Frosting!

According to their Facebook Page, they will be opening a branch By the Bay soon! I'm crossing my fingers that it would be in the Mall of Asia so I could buy these cupcakes anytime I want to!

But in the meantime, do check out their booths at the following locations and have a taste of the best Red Velvet Cupcakes available in the Metro:

SM Megamall A, Ground Floor
SM North Edsa, The Block
SM Southmall, Ground Level
8760 Santol St., San Antonio Village, Makati City

Monday, December 10, 2012

Uno Pizzeria

I got a text from a good friend if I'm available for her super late birthday celebration. Just how late it was? Well, her birthday was in September and we only got to celebrate last November! But better late than never right?

And so two weeks ago, I met my friends at Uno Pizzeria, a restaurant by day and a bar by night located at the San Mig by the Bay, Mall of Asia. We chose to dine inside since the music was too loud outside, not ideal for a night of catching up and endless chismisan.

My friend L also loves bargains and what better place to check them out? Group buying sites! I personally like Deal Grocer, Cash Cash Pinoy and Ensogo for their awesome deals. I'm so addicted that a day wouldn't pass without me checking these sites at least once.

For her birthday dinner, she opted to use one of the vouchers she bought from Uno Pizzeria.

On the table

Iced Tea


Full House Pizza

Roast Chicken

Verdict: The Carbonara was terrible! The sauce was bland and the pasta was overcooked. I could easily mix up a better version of it in 30 minutes or less. The Pizza and Roast Chicken on the other hand was okay, not spectacular but the taste was fine and the serving was quite filling.

Thanks L! Hope to see you guys again soon. We should really do this more often!


Uno Pizzeria
SM Mall of Asia, Bay Strip, San Miguel by the Bay
Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 555-1174

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fresh Strawberries

I love Baguio City.

One of the many reasons why I keep going back to the City of Pines is because it is the only place in the country where I could buy fresh strawberries from the local vendors at the market. I can still remember when a kilo would only cost Php50.00 and I would bring home about 4 boxes of these for a week-long consumption.

Nowadays, a kilo of fresh Strawberries costs Php300.00 or more!

Confession: I can eat one kilo of these in one sitting! I just wash them all and have some muscovado sugar on stand-by in case there are sour ones but most of the time, it's just me and these cute little red Strawberries!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Welcome Lunch at Buffet 101

A friend came home from a trip abroad which gave us another reason to have a Food Fest at Buffet 101. Next to Vikings, Buffet 101 is probably the second most popular buffet in the area. It features International cuisine and is open for lunch and dinner everyday.

This is actually my second time in Buffet 101.You can read my first Buffet 101 experience here.

We arrived around 1130H and the place was half full as compared to Vikings which is on a waiting basis. We had limited time then so I urged them to try Buffet 101 instead.

As soon as the staff showed us our table, we just dropped our things and went straight to see the buffet spread. I was hoping to try new fares but upon taking a quick tour of the restaurant, it was quite disappointing to see that it's mostly the same from my previous visit earlier this year.

Appetizer and Salad Bar

Cold Cuts

More appetizers

Mix your own salad bar

More salad options

Chinese Cuisine and other Hot Dishes


More dimsum

Carving Station

Lamb Chop, US Angus Beef and Pork Loin Chop

Seafood Corner

Black Pepper Garlic Crab

Fresh seafood cooked according to your preference

Italian Cuisine

My favorite section -- Japanese Food!

Assorted Maki



Dessert Section


Cakes and other Pastries

Fresh Fruits

Chocolate Fondue


Here are some of the food we were able to try

Papaya Shake

I had three glasses of Papaya Shake while my friends chose Pineapple and Mango Shakes. It was naturally sweet and perfect for that hot and sunny day!


First plate

Salmon Sashimi

I had to wait in line for the Tuna and Salmon Sashimi. People were hoarding like there's no tomorrow! It was fresh and the cuts were huge.

Salted Shrimp

Buffet 101 is a carnivore's haven! The steaks were delicious (no sauce required) and so worth the wait. I would gladly pay this restaurant a visit just for these two.

US Angus Beef

Roast Beef


I had to stop myself after filling one plate full of desserts as I can barely walk with all the steaks that I ate. But a girl has to have her dessert fix so I managed to squeeze in a few of these sweets in my bulging tummy.

Choco Lava Cake

Cheese Macaroon

Mango Pudding

What a waste of space and calories! The only thing I liked was the Crepe with some Mandarin Oranges, everything else was plain and disappointing.


More people, myself included, still prefer Vikings with its wider range of food and delicious desserts. If we had more time to spare, I would gladly wait in line to get a table at Vikings but today was a busy day and we only had an hour to have lunch. Good thing the steaks were good which made us all happy and stuffed!

Buffet 101 Rates:

Monday to Friday Lunch - Php699.00
Monday to Friday Dinner - Php950.00
Saturday Lunch - Php799.00
Saturday Dinner/Sunday Lunch and Dinner - Php1, 050.00


Buffet 101
SM Mall of Asia Complex, San Miguel by the Bay
Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 556-2888
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