Thursday, December 27, 2012

Php280 Buffet at Malen's Restaurant

Php280 Roast Beef Buffet?! Is this for real?

I initially thought that my mind is playing tricks on me because there's no way a restaurant would offer a Roast Beef Buffet for that price. I mean even for provincial standards, Php280 is a cheap price to pay for a buffet with quality, delicious and decent food. At first, I thought they made a mistake on their Facebook page so I had to check again that afternoon if it was really true and it certainly was! Malen's really offers buffet on Friday nights with varying cuisine every week. 

There's no way I would miss this good deal for anything.

The buffet table was small as compared to other buffets I've been to but there's no other place in Cavite, especially in Manila for that matter, that offers delicious food for that price. This is THE Malen's Roast Beef we're talking here!

Taco Salad

Potato Soup

Mashed Potato

Roast Beef!!!

Buttered Vegetables

Fish Thermidor

Barbequed Pork Ribs


On our table

Taco Salad

It was a hit! It's like having a Taco/Nacho party where you can put as much toppings and cheese as you can, so worth the calories!

First plate

Roast Beef

Malen's Roast Beef never fails. It was tender and flavorful that both DB and I can't stop raving how good it was. Well, this wasn't our first time trying it but the thought that we can get as many servings of Roast Beef is a totally different experience!

Buttered Vegetables

It was too sweet. I like that it was crunchy and not soggy but the sweetness was overwhelming. It was like eating vegetables for dessert.

Barbequed Ribs

This was also a winner if only it wasn't too oily! It was literally dripping that I had to wipe the oil off with tissue paper. I would like to come back and get some more but the thought of ingesting too much oil in my system is unbearable.

My tummy definitely had a great time with Malen's buffet and I am planning to come back for more Roast Beef. Anyone up for this?


Malen's Pizza Pasta Bakeshop & Restaurant
9025 Magdiwang Highway
Noveleta, Cavite, Philippines
Tel.: (6346) 438-5027

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