Friday, September 13, 2019

A Food Court Like No Other at CJ Food World, Seoul SK

Whenever I hear the word food court, Tapa King, Binalot, Tropical Hut, Hen Lin, Lydia's Lechon, and Sizzling Plate always come to mind. Back in college and striving solely on student allowance, my friends and I would end up at any of these quick-serve restaurants whenever we feel like splurging. The smell and sound of the freshly-laid steak on the sizzling plate never fail to bring excitement to all my senses that I would end up with a burnt tongue every time.

Fast forward to my working class self, I still eat at mall and office building food courts from time to time especially when in a hurry, but this time, I got to visit one in COEX Mall in Seoul, South Korea. Specializing mostly in Korean cuisine, CJ Food World is one of the biggest and most organized food courts I've been to, surely an upgrade from the ones that we're used to locally.

What we ordered

Korean Beef Set - KRW28,600 (Php1,250.00)

Strawberry Ade - KRW5,500 (Php240.00)

Korean Spicy Pork Set - KRW28,600 (Php1,250.00)

Strawberry Latte - KRW5,500 (Php240.00)

A great underground food court with delicious offerings, aesthetically pleasing interiors, plenty of tables, fast service, and reasonable prices (by local standards) - CJ Food World is a worthy find if you get hungry browsing through thousands of books in Starfield Library, a massively beautiful library in COEX Mall and another must-visit when in Seoul.


CJ Food World
Starfield Coex Mall
Yeongdongdae-ro, Gangnam-gu
Seoul, South Korea
Tel.: (821) 670-0865

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Pinoy Food Favorites at Bench Cafe

Since we started staying around Makati area for staycations, we've been frequenting restaurants around Ayala malls as well. One of the few that we recently tried is Bench Cafe, the first food venture of the same local retail brand that's been known for its quality and affordable items. 

Restaurant interiors was chic and modern - very impressive, but I can't say the same for the staff we've encountered on the day we visited. Aside from being slow-moving, most of the staff were busy minding their own business and might have forgotten about the customers they were supposed to serve. In fact, we had to stand up several times to go to the counter and get their attention to ask for a water refill, follow up on our orders, and get the bill.

What we ordered

Pork Binagoongan - Php320.00

My top favorite Pinoy pork dish and my staple order whenever I see it in any restaurant menu. Bench Cafe's take on this classic ulam is crispy and tasty with loads of eggplants to balance the umay feeling. Warning: Extra rice is guaranteed!

Dancing Fish - Php350.00

Anything fried is a sure hit and this Dancing Fish is no exception. But what sets it apart from others is the plum sauce it came with for the tangy flavor instead of the usual sour sauce.

Ube Halo Halo - Php

The most promising yet disappointing dessert in Bench Cafe is definitely IG-worthy but its just that - good to look at but the taste is a totally different story. The halo halo was too sweet and lacks the unique ube flavor that is supposed to be its selling point. Just a waste of money and calories.


Bench Cafe
Level 2, Greenbelt 3
Ayala Center, Makati
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (63917) 634-2825
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