Friday, January 27, 2012

Dinner Cruise Along Manila Bay

There was a time when I became addicted to group buying sites (thank goodness I am smarter now!) and get excited every time I see "save 50% off". One of the last few vouchers I bought was a buffet dinner cruise along Manila Bay by Prestige Cruises. After reading reviews about it, which are mostly negative by the way, I didn't bother booking anymore and thought of just charging it to experience.

Sometime last week, I was going thru my files and saw the vouchers I still haven't used including the dinner cruise voucher. When I saw that its still valid and expiring by end of the month, I tried my luck and called the number indicated in the voucher.

And so, a few days later, DB and I were found ourselves lining up in the Prestige Cruises docking area near CCP to sign our names in the passenger manifest.

Waiting for boarding

We decided to pay an additional Php100 per person for the upper deck seats which offer a better view of the Manila skyline.

You can rent this boat (right beside Prestige Cruises) for a more intimate dinner cruise. Perfect for Valentine's day! *hint hint*

A few minutes after we were seated, one of the employees came upfront for the safety demonstration.

I pray that there will never come a time that I will have to use one of this.

Then the boat started to move and we were cruising along Manila Bay.

'Cause baby, you're a firework..

The boat turned around upon reaching the Mall of Asia.


One of the crew members approached us and told us to line up for the buffet at the lower deck. We were lucky that the line was still forming so we only had to wait for about 5 minutes as compared to others who are still lining up even after we were finished with our dinner.

Buffet dinner which include rice, steamed vegetables, salad with nachos, pasta, chicken fillet
and brownies for dessert was so so. Drinks are by order and not free of charge.

I booked this dinner cruise just for experience so I wasn't really expecting anything at all. As in DB's words "What do you expect with a Php250-dinner cruise?" Yes, I felt dizzy with the smell of gasoline and how the food tasted bland and ordinary, but the fireworks and the moonlit skies somehow made the experience special and romantic. I wonder what it feels like to ride a real luxury cruise ship ala Titanic. Minus the sinking of course.


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  15. hahah..sooo much spam about Dubai cruise...what up with that.
    Anyway, by the way your story went, I think I had a better experience...but i dont know what package was used since it was a corporate thingy. still, mad props for telling as it is.


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