Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Off to Misibis Bay!

Snooze. Snooze. Snooze.

Time check: 0330H. We had a family dinner/party the night before so I literally had to drag myself out of bed so I won't be late for our 0630H flight to Legaspi, Albay. All four of us arrived at Terminal 2 by 0500H which gave us ample to time to check in and have breakfast before boarding.

We chose Cafe France from the limited food choices by the boarding gates. I have always loved Delifrance and among my favorites are Chocolate Madeleine and Tuna Turnover (both unavailable that time though).

I ordered the very thick Hot Chocolate and Pork Asado Bonnet which I finished to the the last drop/bite.

Our flight arrived 15 minutes earlier, and since I don't have a check-in baggage, I went straight to the exit area and saw this.

Look here!

I approached the guy holding the Misibis Bay signage and gave him my name. After all the bags were cleared, we were guided to the van that took us to the resort.

Very spacious and comfortable. The driver gave us bottles of water and
yummy homemade cookies to munch along the way.

A friend had a major booboo which we only realized upon arrival in Legaspi. She left a bag in one of the chairs in the boarding gate which had all their slippers! Lucky her we had friends in PAL so the bag was found and kept right away (we were teasing her that she had to replace all of it which will cost her a lot). Since they don't have slippers to wear, the driver stopped by the Sto. Domingo market for some shopping.

Feetflop. Why not? *wink*

We then continued our journey thru the zigzag roads of Bacacay town until we reached a port. We were told that the water here is like 90feet deep so building a bridge will be an expensive task, they just transport the vehicles by roro which only takes about 5 minutes.

Another 10-minute drive and we reached the gate of the resort.

Hello Misibis Bay!

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