Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Welcome Lunch at Buffet 101

A friend came home from a trip abroad which gave us another reason to have a Food Fest at Buffet 101. Next to Vikings, Buffet 101 is probably the second most popular buffet in the area. It features International cuisine and is open for lunch and dinner everyday.

This is actually my second time in Buffet 101.You can read my first Buffet 101 experience here.

We arrived around 1130H and the place was half full as compared to Vikings which is on a waiting basis. We had limited time then so I urged them to try Buffet 101 instead.

As soon as the staff showed us our table, we just dropped our things and went straight to see the buffet spread. I was hoping to try new fares but upon taking a quick tour of the restaurant, it was quite disappointing to see that it's mostly the same from my previous visit earlier this year.

Appetizer and Salad Bar

Cold Cuts

More appetizers

Mix your own salad bar

More salad options

Chinese Cuisine and other Hot Dishes


More dimsum

Carving Station

Lamb Chop, US Angus Beef and Pork Loin Chop

Seafood Corner

Black Pepper Garlic Crab

Fresh seafood cooked according to your preference

Italian Cuisine

My favorite section -- Japanese Food!

Assorted Maki



Dessert Section


Cakes and other Pastries

Fresh Fruits

Chocolate Fondue


Here are some of the food we were able to try

Papaya Shake

I had three glasses of Papaya Shake while my friends chose Pineapple and Mango Shakes. It was naturally sweet and perfect for that hot and sunny day!


First plate

Salmon Sashimi

I had to wait in line for the Tuna and Salmon Sashimi. People were hoarding like there's no tomorrow! It was fresh and the cuts were huge.

Salted Shrimp

Buffet 101 is a carnivore's haven! The steaks were delicious (no sauce required) and so worth the wait. I would gladly pay this restaurant a visit just for these two.

US Angus Beef

Roast Beef


I had to stop myself after filling one plate full of desserts as I can barely walk with all the steaks that I ate. But a girl has to have her dessert fix so I managed to squeeze in a few of these sweets in my bulging tummy.

Choco Lava Cake

Cheese Macaroon

Mango Pudding

What a waste of space and calories! The only thing I liked was the Crepe with some Mandarin Oranges, everything else was plain and disappointing.


More people, myself included, still prefer Vikings with its wider range of food and delicious desserts. If we had more time to spare, I would gladly wait in line to get a table at Vikings but today was a busy day and we only had an hour to have lunch. Good thing the steaks were good which made us all happy and stuffed!

Buffet 101 Rates:

Monday to Friday Lunch - Php699.00
Monday to Friday Dinner - Php950.00
Saturday Lunch - Php799.00
Saturday Dinner/Sunday Lunch and Dinner - Php1, 050.00


Buffet 101
SM Mall of Asia Complex, San Miguel by the Bay
Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 556-2888

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