Friday, June 14, 2013

Hacienda Isabella

My friend and I decided to make a quick side trip to Hacienda Isabella before going to our ultimate destination -- Camp Benjamin. Little did I know that she already made prior arrangements before we arrive, which was a good thing since reservation is necessary in order to visit the place.

The property is owned by popular singer Kuh Ledesma. Isabella is actually the name of her equally talented daughter.

The restaurant is open on weekends serving Kuh's own recipes. I heard she even attends and chats with her guests whenever she's in Hacienda.

Hacienda Isabella is a 4-hectare farm land that was transformed into a beautiful bed and breakfast place that's becoming an ideal wedding venue. And according to the staff who toured us, they are also hosting seminars and trainings for schools and companies here.

I love the relaxed and elegant vibe of Hacienda Isabella. Hope I can spend more time on my next visit and I will make sure to try their food offerings then because I heard it's superb!

Anyone tried it yet?


Hacienda Isabella
Carasuchi, Indang
Cavite, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 726-6485

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