Friday, June 21, 2013

Palawan Revisited: Underground River Tour

Ever since I went back to school to pursue my Masters degree, my weekends are usually spent in school to attend classes or at home to finish reports and assignments. So when the chance to travel with the entire Management Accounting class to Palawan presented itself, I grabbed the opportunity even if it would mean that I would be the one to arrange it!

After a series of text messages and emails, the group finally agreed on the travel date and another couple of weeks of preparation -- the house we stayed in and the tours we had to arrange in advance, we finally step foot in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Hurray!

Since it was just a three-day trip, we tried to squeeze in as much tours as we possibly can. I contacted Sanctuary Tours (+639175911234) again because I was impressed with their service the last time I went to Palawan with DB (Read it here) and I wanted to make sure that our group would experience the same kind of hospitality and deluxe service we got from them.

First stop is the world-famous Puerto Princesa Underground River.

Mr. Ed Ahorro, owner of Sanctuary Tours was generous enough to give us a special rate of Php1200 per person for the Underground River Tour which includes land and boat transfers, permit and entrance fee, buffet lunch and guided tour.

Good thing we got the 0830H tour schedule so there's no queue in the registration and boat rides when we arrived. And for a moment, we had the place for ourselves that it felt like the Underground River was exclusive to us! *wink*

The group was divided into two boats and after what seemed like a never-ending group photo-op (FYI, not complaining here!), we finally boarded and the tour guide who was also the boatman started paddling towards the cave.

Even if it was my second time already, the sight still gave me goosebumps (in a good way) and I sometimes find myself open-mouthed that seemed to be very dangerous when you're inside the Underground River! As our tour guide would say, "Kapag malamig ang tumulo, okay lang dahil tubig lang yan. Kapag mainit, bat poop!"

The tour took an hour with just the tour guide paddling and talking since all of us were left with awe and reverence with the stalagmite and stalactite formations we saw that resembles random things from vegetables to Manny Pacquiao's glove and the Last Supper.

A wonderful experience indeed!

Another boat ride took us back to Sabang Beach for the hearty buffet lunch also included in the package we availed through Sanctuary Tours.

Before going back to our temporary home in Palawan, our tour guide asked the group if we wanted to have our photos taken with the scenic view of the Karst Mountain Elephant Cave. Tourists are not yet allowed to go inside as the cave is still being explored and surveyed by experts so we just admired its beauty from a far.

Another caving site I look forward to go spelunking in the future!

Stay tuned for more posts on our Palawan Adventure!

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