Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ramen Ichiban-Kan

It was Valentine's Day.

Just a normal day in the office until some of my colleagues decided to have Ramen for lunch. I initially thought we were going to Ukokkei Ramen, my first choice, but they suggested we go try another Ramen place in Malate. Traffic was surprisingly in our favor because it only took us about 20 minutes from ParaƱaque to Ramen Ichiban-Kan.

The restaurant is situated along rows of "girly bars" in that Malate area. Good thing we went during lunch time so those establishments are still close. According to a friend, Ramen Ichiban-Kan have been operating for so many years already, way before the "Ramen craze" in Manila.

What I ordered

Cold Ramen

I asked the waitress if they offer Hiyashi, my constant order in any Ramen place, since I didn't see it on the menu. While my colleagues were sweating to finish their humungous bowls of hot and spicy Ramen, I was just happy to have found a new love with Ichiban-Kan's Cold Ramen. It may not be as good as Ukokkei's Hiyashi, but its not a bad choice either especially since they make fresh noodles everyday and definitely way more cheaper.

The half-fried Gyoza on the other hand is really good! I made the mistake of taking a bite before checking if its still hot so before I knew it, my tongue was numbing with pain! After drinking the complimentary cold tea, I composed myself and took another bite. This time, I was able to taste what an authentic and honest to goodness Gyoza is like.


The food were excellent and very affordable as compared to other Ramen places. I just hope the owners would took some time and money to renovate the place. Reupholstering the couches would be a great start if I may suggest.


Ramen Ichiban-Kan
2101 A. Mabini St., Malate
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 524-4779

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