Monday, October 10, 2016

Mad Mark's Creamery & Good Eats

Jumping on the Mad Mark's bandwagon has been on my to-do list after reading great reviews about its affordable and delicious food. I remember dropping by their Kapitolyo branch and always come out disappointed with having to go to another place for dinner. That branch was always packed that we never really got the chance to try it out after numerous attempts. We have never been to Kapitolyo for months now so I was excited to see the familiar logo at Central Square, BGC.

Unlike the Kapitolyo branch, this one is spacious and has lots of room to move around. CS and I got there past lunch time so there were only a few occupied tables but the service was so slow.

What we ordered

Zing Wings - Php170.00

Thirty minutes has passed and all they served us was the extra spicy wings. It was too dry and came out cold. I wonder if it was sitting at the counter for way too long and no one bothered to check to which table it belonged to. I suggest passing on this if you see it on the menu.

Johnnie Double Black Ribs - Php305.00

One of the popular and bestselling dishes at Mad Mark's is the Johnnie Double Black Ribs with 2 sides. The meat was tender, smoky and flavorful - a must order if you're a meat lover!

Creole Grilled Chicken - Php245.00

Chicken has been CS' staple order since he started his no beef diet. I love the presentation of the mashed potato and the taste of the grilled chicken but it was quite overpriced for its size.

After months of chasing Mad Mark's, it was disappointing to realize that it did not live up to my expectations with all the hype on the quality and affordability of its dishes. If you're looking for value for money steaks, my money is still on Snackaroo and Rub Ribs for fall-off-the-bone ribs!


Mad Mark's Creamery & Good Eats
3F Central Square
Bonifacio High Street
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (63917) 341-7576

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