Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Eats in the USA: Luv2Eat Thai Bistro (Hollywood, CA)

Rice is a staple food in any Filipino household. We all grew up eating rice in the morning for breakfast then lunch and dinner; even in between meals with rice-based snacks and desserts. In fact, its very rare for any restaurant not to serve rice meals because Filipinos cannot live without it and offering unlimited rice is a major selling point in most food establishments.

I'm all for trying something new and different but after eating salad and sandwich for days, my desire to eat rice scrapped our scheduled dining plan on the list. Good thing I found a perfect place to satisfy my cravings with great reviews to back me up. Operated by couple Chefs Fern and Pla, Luv2Eat has been serving delicious Thai food for 3 years now for the picky LA palate.

The restaurant/mini-grocery store that also sells Thai snacks, seasonings and even fresh fruits and vegetables is located in parking lot alongside Subway, 7-11 and Pizza Hut. But what the restaurant lacks in ambiance surely makes up with delicious and authentic Thai dishes and fast service.

What we ordered

Thai Iced Tea - $3.50

Very similar to the ones we tried in Chatuchak Market in Bangkok with just the right amount of sweetness to balance the bitterness of the black tea and loads of crushed ice.

Pad Thai - $9.50

The servings were HUGE! Presentation was unappetizing and the noodles were a bit soggy, not the best Pad Thai but overall, CS enjoyed his authentic Thai favorite and flavorsome meal.

Jasmine Rice - $2.00

Green Curry (Chicken) - $9.50

Though I love Red Curry with all its chili hotness, CS is not keen on eating spicy dishes that's why I settled for the Green Curry Chicken so I can share my order with him. Again, it my not be comparable to the best versions we had in Bangkok but its still good and at very reasonable prices for a Hollywood location. People are raving about Luv2Eat and I totally get why -- authentic Thai dishes, exceptional service, generous servings and affordable menu, its the most appealing combination amid burger joints and fast-food chains in Los Angeles.


Luv2Eat Thai Bistro
6660 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles
California, USA
Tel.: (1323) 498-5835
Website: www.luv2eatthai.com

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