Friday, May 4, 2018

Disney Sea Tokyo: Tips on Maximizing your Visit

Confession: I haven't been to any Disney Resort until recently. Unlike my sister who's crazy about Mickey Mouse, I am simply not a huge fan. During my first few trips to Hongkong, I would always persuade CS about going to Disneyland but he simply won't budge; he'd tell me wait until we go to the US. When we went to California last year, I decided I wanted to go to Universal Studios more because of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter so again, no Disneyland.

Last April, my friends and I went to Tokyo to experience sakura. They've been to Disneyland numerous times but never to Disney Sea so we thought it was the perfect time for all of us to visit the only Disney theme park of its kind in the world. I highly suggest getting your tickets thru Klook for discounted rates and to avoid the lines. Click here to get a promo code.

Another confession: After spending 6 hours in Disney Sea, we only got to watch Mermaid Lagoon and ride 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea due to insanely long lines and absence of a game plan. Unlike Universal Studios that offer front-of-the-line tickets (at least 50% more expensive) for people who prefer skipping the lines, all Disney Sea ticket holders have equal opportunity to get fast pass tickets so you have to be smart when and where to get it. So if I'm having a do-over, here are the strategies I would do to get the most out of my time in Disney Sea:

  • Plan your visit on a weekday because the crowd tend to swell on weekends and holidays. Same goes if you're visiting Disneyland or any theme park for that matter.
  • Arrive early. Early means an hour before the park opens to the public. Click here to see the park operation calendar.
  • Study the park map and head for the less popular rides first for a better opportunity of getting a fast pass ticket. Toy Story, the most popular ride in Disney Sea, usually gets sold out an hour or two after park opening. Also take note that fast pass does not guarantee entry to the attraction, you still have to queue along with other fast pass ticket holders and remember to come back within your allotted time period.
  • You can only get a fast pass ticket every 2 hours per ride. You can either roam around the park or check out other rides in between waiting times.
  •  If you don't mind taking the ride alone, the single rider's queue will be your bestfriend.
  • Try as much flavored popcorns as you can. Flavors range from milk chocolate to caramel, curry, black pepper, soy sauce and butter, honey, and even herb-tomato!
  • Food is allowed in Disney Sea so you can just buy and bring your favorite bento box from the convenience store to save time and money.

But if after all the planning and you still fail to take the rides you wanted to try, just enjoy your time in Disney Sea. Wander to appreciate the fantastic details incorporated into the lands and take as many photos as you can because the place is just amazing!

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