Thursday, August 30, 2018

Yufuin's Best Grilled Eel at Yufumabushi Shin Ekimae

Home of Yufuin's best Hitsumabushi - Nagoya's famous grilled eel, CS made sure we arrive early for dinner because (1) its one of the best restaurants in Yufuin, and (2) lines tend to get long and we didn't want to wait out in the freezing cold. We visited the Yufuin, a quaint town in Oita, Japan, last February where temperature can go as low as -1 degree at night time.

Yufumabushi Shin Ekimae has 2 locations in Yufuin - one near the train station (the branch that we visited) and the other by the lake. A staff greeted the minute we entered the full house restaurant where we were ushered to a vacant table sharing with another couple. The menu offered is in multiple languages with corresponding photos for easy reference.

On the table

The staff patiently explained which sauce to use per dish as no English translation was indicated.

Everything is locally grown and produced so you're guaranteed of its freshness and quality. Cooking also takes awhile but you'll definitely enjoy the side dishes unique to the restaurant.

Bungo Beef Mabushi - JPY2,361 (Php1,130)

There are 3 ways (or 3 steps for some people) to enjoy your Yufu-mabushi:
  1. Eat your mabushi as served; just add more condiments to your liking.
  2. Mix the side dishes (pictured below) for more flavors and spice.
  3. Pour the soup stock then blend everything up!

Hitsumabushi / Eel Mabushi - JPY2,361 (Php1,130)

Both dishes were excellent and provided a fun and unique dining experience for us. The beef was really soft - literally melts in your mouth, and the eel? You'd never go wrong with perfectly seasoned and grilled unagi, which I enjoyed down to the last grain of Japanese rice.

Tip: Always bring cash when traveling to Yufuin as majority of shops only accept cash payments. It's also advisable to have extra US Dollars as back up money for better exchange rates.


Yufumabushi Shin Ekimae
5-3 Yufuincho Kawakita
Yufu, Oita, Japan
Tel.: (819) 7784-5825

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