Friday, January 11, 2019

Costa NeoRomantica Day 2: Maizuru, JP

Located in the scenic Maizuru Bay, the city of Maizuru in Kyoto is our first stop in the 5-day Jewels of the Far East Cruise aboard the Costa NeoRomantica. This stunning seaside town is filled with incredible sights, overflowing seafood, and cultural treasures. CS and I initially planned on visiting Maizuru Brick Park, a popular tourist spot, but it was drizzling when we arrived at the port so we agreed to just explore the area on foot. Besides the fact that taking a cab is the only way to go to the park, we only had a few hours before the ship leaves again for another city.

Maizuru is pretty much a laid-back city with just 92,465 total residents as of 2018. Its one of those cities where you can bike around and sit outside to meet people, and with lots of greens and open spaces. Getting lost away from the main road brought us to beautiful temples and traditional houses with amazing gardens; where you'd find schools of koi fish swimming in drainage canals because its clean enough to become their natural habitat.

Highlight of our Maizuru walking tour was dining in a local restaurant with the freshest catch from the bay. Searching for the best Japanese cuisine in the area allowed us to find this quaint family-run restaurant with Japanese menu only. It was a challenge ordering at first but we were lucky to sit beside a local who can understand and speak English fluently. According to her, not many tourists find their way in that side of town as they mostly stick to the fish market and nearby restaurants. She was also kind and generous to offer some of her orders for us to try while trying her best to be our interpreter to the local chef and his family.

Sharing some photos of the BEST sushi and sashimi I have ever tried in my life.

This sweet delicacy of eggplant, edamame, and seafood is the chef's daughter's famous recipe that's not even on the menu. Our newfound friend insisted for us to try this, which she also paid for by the way, and we were just floored how deliciously rich and tasty this dish is.

We love Maizuru and its amazing people; we hope to return and stay longer in the future!

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