Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Bali Hits & Misses: Bukit Sari

Verdict: Worth the visit if you have time to spare.

I love tea, green tea to be specific. But when in Bali, one should not miss trying out the famous kopi luwak - the most expensive coffee in the world made from civet cat poop! Yes, you read that right friends, this type of coffee are beans partially digested and then pooped out by civet cats to which a cup can sell at Php300 in the Philippines or for as much as $80 in the United States.

After a brief walking tour of how luwak coffee is made, customers are served with a tasting tray of hot drinks filled with variety of flavored coffee, tea, and chocolate for free. Our top two favorites were mangosteen and lemon grass tea which were all available for sale at their souvenir shop. Should you wish to try the coveted luwak coffee, a cup at Bukit Sari will set you back about IDR50,000 (Php185.00) - definitely cheapest than anywhere in the world!

It doesn't taste nor smell like cat poop that's for sure but since I rarely drink coffee, its hard to give a detailed review aside from its smooth and just slightly bitter taste. To be honest, I wanted to give it a try out of mere curiosity of how the most expensive coffee tastes like.

I know some people shun from drinking kopi luwak due to reports of animal cruelty (caged animals) but our guide explained that their civet cats are wild and can roam freely in the lush forest below, which was a relief to hear. Besides, a lot of jobs are generated with Bali's booming tourism industry and we're glad to help one way or another.

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