Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Foodventures: Isaac Toast, Seoul SK

With over 700 branches in South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Macau, people line up at Isaac Toast & Coffee for the most popular Korean breakfast toast in Seoul. In fact, this particular branch in Myeongdong Cathedral is always packed with locals and tourists as soon as it opens at 0700H.

It was freezing cold when we traveled to Seoul last March so lining up for more than 20 minutes for a toast is not something I'd consider. Besides, the line clears up in the afternoon if you're just as curious if the toast is really worth queuing up for or just another social media overhype.

What we ordered

Ham and Cheese - KRW2,400 (Php105.00)

Both sandwiches were freshly made with premium ingredients so for quality alone, it was a bang for the back especially if you're traveling on a budget and wants something quick to go. In terms of taste, it was delicious and generally sweet but quite oily so a tissue will always come handy.

Steak Ham VIP - KRW3,000 (Php130.00)

Verdict: Delicious and reasonably-priced as advertised but will try again only if the line is short.


Isaac Toast & Coffee
17-1 Myeongdong-gil, Jung-gu
Seoul, South Korea
Tel.: (822) 752-3002

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