Friday, May 29, 2020

Heritage Cafe, Taipei TW

One random afternoon walking around Taipei brought us to this charming and beautifully-designed spot in Zhonzheng District called Heritage Cafe because honestly, who could pass up for some delicious sweets and cold drinks on a hot day? Definitely not me!

Heritage Cafe has two floors with brick walls and modern industrial interiors. Just my type.

What we ordered

Apple Earl Grey Iced Tea

Seasonal Fruit Tea

Blueberry Cheese Tart

Everything tasted great plus the presentation were visually stimulating so dining here was a win-win! Both iced teas were sweetened perfectly and the addition of fresh fruits made it even more refreshing. The cakes were equally delicious but the star of the day really was the cafe's bestselling cake - the Guava Delight. Taste and texture were exemplary, not to mention that the guava flavor was a delightful treat from the usual cakes you can find anywhere. 

Guava Delight

Finding spots like Heritage Cafe is one the reasons why I love traveling with minimal (or zero) planned itinerary nowadays especially if I've been to a place once. I just love discovering hole-in-the-wall restaurants and secret spots where most locals hang out and keep for themselves.


Heritage Cafe
No. 73 Section 1, Hankou St.
Zhongzheng District
Taipei, Taiwan
Tel.: (8862) 2311-1079

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