Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Royal K Restaurant

Buffet for half the price sounds appetizing, so after postponing a dining trip to Royal K Restaurant since I can't remember when, I finally made a reservation just to make sure we don't wait for a table. We arrived exactly 6pm to avoid the Friday night traffic and the rush of customers, because from what I've heard, the place transforms to chaos come dinner time.  Just the night before, they had 500 customers to serve to and I don't want to waste precious time waiting for the orders to arrive.

But all the preparation were still not enough.  Yes, we didn't had to wait for a table (we were the 2nd customer in the restaurant) but the service is so slow!  It took us 10 minutes to order because the wait staff were too busy with all the preparation, which should be done before they open right?  Also, I did not expect that since we were paying for half the price, half of the menu would also be unavailable.

5 minutes after ordering

Still smiling

10 minutes

Red tea arrived

Another 20 minutes, or maybe more



Sweet and sour fish fillet.  A bit too sweet, well, the plate came with a warning.

Sisig was okay, nothing special

Tempura.  They used pancake batter! Anoba!

Steamed fish was the best dish in their menu.

Salmon sashimi.  Still frozen when served.

California rolls were good

Another round

Mixed sushi

We have to constantly follow up on our additional orders from time to time.  The waiters don't even carry a paper to write to so they keep forgetting what we ordered.

Buti na lang I have a big heart.

Just a piece of advice:  Arrive early and order as much as you can immediately!


Royal K Restaurant
Bluewave Macapagal
Pasay City, Philippines
Tel.: (02) 556-1215/401-1793

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