Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentines Date ♥♥♥

It's February 14 and I don't have work because its a holiday. St. Valentine must really love me!

Lunch was at Highlands Steakhouse.

This will greet you upon entering.  No flowers, just vegetables.

Corn, baked potatoes, pasta and other entrees

Steamed vegetables

This is what we came here for.  Unlimited servings of Angus Prime Rib.  I love!

Medium rare please!

Homemade breads were left untouched

For her

For him

Bloody and delicious

Ribs.  Like I'm eating rubber.  FAIL!

Strawberry sansrival, chiffon cake and blueberry cheesecake

The waiter was kind enough to give us another round of cheesecake.
It's so yummy!

The look of Love.

Now I understand what all these Valentines fuss is all about.

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