Friday, December 16, 2011

Lamma Island, HK

Located half an hour ferry ride away from Central, Lamma Island is a favorite weekend getaway of locals, tourists and expats -- sun worshipers and seafood lovers alike.

Goodbye city life. For now.

Welcome to Yung Shue Wan!

This village is like our very own "Batangas". Close proximity to the city with fresh air, a beach, abundance of seafood and laid-back lifestyle.

One of the beachfront resorts in Yung Shue Wan.

I wonder how cold the water is..

We were supposed to have lunch in one of the seafood restaurants but backed out the last minute. The prices are very touristy! We settled in one of the local restaurants instead.

Our orders

I love Horlicks! Too bad I forgot to bring home some.

Beef in Tomato Sauce

Beef was very tender though I find the texture a bit weird but still delicious nonetheless.


After lunch cum afternoon snack, we decided to visit the windmill, one of the attractions in the island. And so, let the hiking begin! FYI, there's no car in the island, bicycles are the only mode of transportation here.

Road leading to a community of expatriates who prefer to live in the island.

Two hours of hiking, a lot of wrong turns and with no windmill in sight, I begged to go back to the town proper and just call it a day. We were still full from lunch so we passed on trying out their fresh seafood the town is known for.

I was so tired I fell asleep regardless how uncomfortable the seat was. Too bad I missed the very beautiful sunset as we were cruising back to the city.

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  1. oh i never knew may ganito sa hk, i'll take note of the place when I get back there (kailan kaya un). btw wonderful sunset!


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