Monday, July 23, 2012

Birthday Series: Abe Restaurant

I celebrated my nth birthday last June with a series of lunch and dinner celebrations (naks!) with family, friends and love ones. First stop was Abe Restaurant (a member of the LJC Group of Restaurants) at the Mall of Asia which specializes in traditional Filipino cuisine.

What we ordered

The Baby Squid Rice consisting of bagoong rice topped with sauteed baby squid and salted egg.

Baby Squid Rice - Php325.00

I initially wanted to order the Sinuteng Baby Squid since I was craving for Adobong Pusit but upon seeing that they offer the Baby Squid Rice on the menu, I knew right there and then that this will be my new favorite meal! The bagoong taste was very subtle and I love that it had lots of baby squid. Oh, and let's not forget the salted egg that added more flavor and texture to it.

I'm trying to incorporate more veggies on my diet now and a Gising Gising dish is becoming a staple on my order. I just wish it was creamier though.

Gising Gising - Php240.00

The best lechon kawali I have ever had the privelege of tasting! I literally had to fight over this piece of heaven on the table.

Lechon Cubano - Php510.00

Story has it that Che Guevara once fought Fidel over its roasted crispy skin!

You can opt to dine al fresco while being serenaded by an acoustic band or stay indoors like we did.

Impeccable service, great selection of dishes and exceptional food worth every centavo, there's nothing more that I could ask for! My birthday wish for that night: I hope to visit more restaurants like Abe in the future.


Abe Restaurant
Entertainment Section, SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 556-0608

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