Monday, March 4, 2013

Dessert Overload at Swensen's

The first Swensen's Ice Cream Store opened at the corner of Union & Hyde in San Francisco in 1948, and a new American Icon was born. Founder Earle Swensen knew he could succeed if he gave his customers three things... quality, quantity, and value for their money. His recipes called for using only the finest ingredients and exacting ice cream making techniques. By good old fashioned trial and error, Earle Swensen developed a perfect blend to ensure that Swensen's customers would get the maximum taste from each and every flavor. Source

Swensen's, a dessert haven popular for their gourmet and sumptuous Sundae offerings opened their first Philippine branch in the Mall of Asia last September 2011. I always make a mental note to go back to the South Wing of MOA for dessert whenever we are in the area but since we frequent the free parking near IMAX (on the other side of the mall), we consistently find ourselves in Sebastian's Ice Cream instead.

That particular night, dinner was bland and we needed something extra special for dessert so the night won't end up dull, boring and unsweetened.

What we ordered

No matter how unremarkable dinner is, we always make it a point to finish our orders so the food won't go to waste. So instead of getting two Signature Sundaes for each of us, DB and I thought of ordering Swensen's Chocolate Fondue with 9 Ice Cream Scoops to share so we can try as many flavors as we can.

Chocolate Fondue - Php555.00

The tiny candle can barely heat the bowl so after a few minutes, the chocolate hardens making it impossible to dip the Ice Cream scoops in it. I hope they can do something about the design so patrons can have the whole Fondue experience.

Since it was both our first time in Swensen's, we asked the waitress what their best sellers are before I try ordering all of them! Their best sellers include Rocky Road, Wild at Hearts, Sticky Chewy Chocolate, Strawberry Cheesecake, Reversible Chocolate, Very Strawberry, Macadamia, Rock at Hearts and Mocha Almond Fudge.

The Chocolate Fondue also comes with a platter which consists of a Brownie, slices of Banana, Swensen's Signature Wafer, a cheek of Mango, Belgian Waffle and Whipped Cream with Cherry on top. All of which we dipped in the hardened chocolate.

Swensen's is indeed the perfect place for people who love anything sweet and yummy. From their Premium Ice Cream's wide variety of flavors their Signature Sundaes, I bet you'll go crazy and salivate excessively when you see the menu. 

I know I did!


G/F South Wing, Mall of Asia
Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Tel.: (632) 804-0046

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