Monday, December 2, 2013

Bean & Butter Cafe

Upon learning that Hongkong's Wellcome Supermarket has indeed found its way to the Philippines courtesy of the Rustan's Group, it only took a quick "Let's go!" before DB and I hopped into the car and drove 10 minutes to go to the nearest branch from my home.

I was looking forward to the things that Wellcome Philippines has in store that I had to get the biggest cart in case they brought in exciting grocery treats that this side of town is in dire need of. To our dismay, it was just like shopping in a bigger 7-11, price and stocks wise. While DB was in the counter paying for some things that we bought, I exited the supermarket and chanced upon Bean & Butter a few stalls away from Wellcome while looking for a place to eat.

Bean & Butter is a newly-opened cafe in Lancaster Square that serves delicious and mouth-watering food and drinks that won't leave a hole in your pocket.

What we ordered

Sundried Pasta - Php120.00

DB was not feeling well so he opted to go for the Sundried Pasta with the hopes that his stomach will not react violently and another trip to the restroom isn't necessary. He finished half of it just to be sure so I was tasked *ahem* to empty the plate so it won't go to waste. The pasta was cooked al dente and the sauce was flavorful with generous servings of Tuna.

Chamomile Tea - Php40.00

Hungarian Sausage - Php120.00

One of Bean & Butter's bestsellers that the staff recommended is this Hungarian Sausage Sandwich. And whenever there's hotdog/sausage in the meal, I'm all in! The sausage was juicy and I love that the outside had a crunchy bite to it but not over fried -- this one is definitely worth the calories!

I was craving for something sweet so I ordered this Choco Almond but it was 10x sweeter than I was expecting. I literally had to gulp down 2 glasses of water to dilute the sugar overload intake.

Choco Almond - Php120.00

I will definitely come back to try some more dishes soon!


Bean & Butter Cafe
Unit 3 Lancaster Square
Advincula Road, Alapan II B
Kawit, Cavite, Philippines
Tel.: (63927) 827-3765

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