Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Food Trip at Old Quarter, Hanoi VN

Trying out the local cuisine has been customary for both DB and I ever since we discovered our mutual love for travel. Aside from the usual tourist spots that we include in our itinerary, we make it a point to go and eat in the places that most locals frequent. Fast food and well-known franchises are a no-no as we like to spend our nights (and lunches) on the streets.

Similar to the Vietnamese staple food Pho, Bun is made of rice flour but with thinner shape. Bun Mien is basically a bowl of tasty broth from slow-cooked beef and pork bones with glass noodles and then topped with tender meat. I love the minty leaves that gives the soup a refreshing taste.

If I were to pick one dish as my last meal in Hanoi, I would choose Bun Cha with no hesitation! Bun (rice noodles) Cha (grilled pork) is a popular dish in Hanoi that you can find a stall or two in almost every corner in the Old Quarter.

Second on my list is Nem Cua Be or Crab Meat Stuffed Egg Rolls. Just dip it in vinegar and you're in for a delicious treat! I can't remember how many rolls I had during my stay in Hanoi but it surely surpassed the number of my fingers that I had lost count already.

As part of the Old Quarter tour, our guide brought us to this dessert place before going back to the hotel. At first, I thought people were lining up for donuts or the like (hello, J.Co!) but lo and behold, it was for gourmet popcorn!

No, we were not able to try the popcorn because we were too tired to line up so I excused myself to get inside until I saw these cups in the refrigerator.

It was a simple concoction of yogurt and red beans but definitely worth the wait! I'm so happy to have trusted my instincts rather than getting some corn-based dessert which our guide was recommending to us.

I loved the Chocolate Croissant served during breakfast at Calypso Grand Hotel that I had to ask the manager where they buy them (I overheard him asking the staff to go get some when they ran out of it) so I could buy more and not empty the tray at the hotel breakfast.

I hoarded some of these freshly-baked goodies to take home but not one has made it to Manila. Blame it to Cebu Pacific's not-so-good inflight meals.

Since our flight's not leaving until midnight, we decided to spend our free time to walk farther to the Old Quarter until we chanced upon this stall that serves grilled treats ala Yakimix style.

You can choose from the variety of meats, vegetables and seafood to grill. After paying, you get a table and wait while the staff cook your orders.

Each table is equipped with grill pans so you can still reheat your orders and eat at your own pace without minding whether the food is still warm or not.

Three things that you have to remember on a food trip at the Old Quarter: wear comfortable clothes and shoes, bring small bill denominations and come hungry!

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