Thursday, February 13, 2014

Jack's Grand View Hotel, Baguio

"The room must be clean and comfortable and hot water in the shower is a must."

I thought we would be spending more than half of our budget on accommodation because the requirements specified would instantly mean that we need to stay in at least a 3-star hotel that commands a minimum of Php3500 per night on a weekend stay. As I was browsing the internet, I came across Jack's Grand View Hotel, a relatively new hotel in Baguio City with a lot of potential.

The drive to the hotel is mostly steep uphill (thank goodness I'm not driving!) and quite far from the main road, away from the traffic noise and pollution. Save for the smell that emanates from the kitchen, it was love at first sight the moment we stepped inside the hotel.

We got the deluxe room for Php2,500 per room per night (inclusive of breakfast for two) located on the second floor of the building. If you're traveling with your parents who have difficulties taking the stairs, I suggest getting a hotel with an elevator or has rooms on the ground floor. The steps from the parking to the lobby is an effort as it is then you have to climb another batch of stairs to your room which makes it not very elderly-friendly.

Our room was pretty basic with a comfortable double bed, an LCD television with limited cable channels that they probably forgot to hang on the wall and most importantly, a working hot shower! It was impossible to take a bath or even brush you teeth with almost freezing water since it was mostly 16 degrees when we were in Baguio.

But hey, that was the main reason why we chose to drive all the way there in the first place. And so I can wear my jacket, scarves and boots that's been stored in my closet for months!


Jack's Grand View Hotel
58 Montinola Subdivision, Kisad Road
Baguio City, Philippines
Tel.: (6374) 422-0638

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