Monday, November 21, 2016

My ATV Off Road Adventure to Mayon Volcano

An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is a four-wheel vehicle designed to handle a wider variety of terrain with its low pressure tires, high power, good suspension and a low center of gravity. I first rode an ATV in Kuala Lumpur's Sunway Lagoon Theme Park but on a guided and almost flat trail. So when I learned that you can ride an ATV to Mayon Base Camp, I knew this would be the highlight of our Legaspi trip. My research brought me to Your Brother Travel & Tours, the original ATV service provider in Albay since 2008, who patiently answered all my queries and requests through text message. Your Brother has been featured in several local television shows and prides itself in having Zac Efron, Kris Aquino and Manny Pacquiao among its celebrity riders.

From our hotel in Legaspi, Your Brother arranged our transportation that brought us to their headquarters no more than 10 minutes away from the airport. The lady staff explained the ATV trails we can take and made us watch the introductory video to show the scenic track and the safety precautions to ensure that we come back to their office safe and sound.

Your Brother's father and son tandem started with just one ATV and now operates 80 Can-Am units!

Renowned as the perfect cone because of its symmetrical conical shape, Mount Mayon is an active volcano located in Albay, Bicol Region. The staff suggested we get their most popular 2-hour trail but it seemed bitin so we booked the 3-hour Mayon Advance Trail instead for Php3,000 per person using a 350cc single Can-Am ATV. The trail from the amusement center to the base camp is the same but the way back to their headquarters is longer and definitely more challenging!

After the crash course, we hopped on to our ATVs and made our way to the trail led by our guide who captured perfect photos using our camera. Should you forget to bring one, you can rent a Go Pro from Your Brother because trust me, you'd want to relive this great off road experience soon after! An hour or so of driving through the rough trail and occasional splash off the stream, we reached Mayon Base Camp to rest and so our guide can check our ATV's condition. 

Guests were given an option to do a little hiking to reach a helipad where you can see the magnificent Mayon in all its glory and the city of Legaspi. Getting down can either be through the same route going up or an easier and more enjoyable zip line for an extra Php300/person.

Apart from their Can-AM ATVs, what I love about Your Brother is their flexibility to fit your schedule, their safety record and as long as you're billeted in the city, they will arrange your transfers for free! A lot of tour operators would offer you the same kind of adventure for a lesser price but as with most things, you cannot gamble your safety in exchange for a little savings. Go for a reliable and reputable name so you can enjoy every minute of your ATV adventure in the hands of their expert guides. To book, you can contact them at +639175958859 or +639053636330.

Have you tried riding an ATV to Mayon? Share your experience in the comment box below!

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