Monday, January 16, 2017

Where NOT to Stay in Legaspi: Hotel Venezia

After years of traveling, I still get tricked by hotel marketing photos once in a while. Such was the case when I realized how different the room was in the photos when we arrived in Hotel Venezia Legaspi. Located just a mere 5-minute ride away from the airport, the hotel's location was the only saving grace from calling it our worst vacation after our Misibis Bay boo boo a day before.

The lobby was spacious and had enough chairs to accommodate guests waiting for their tours and transfers. CS and I were brought in by the Misibis Bay service and the moment we got off the vehicle, the staff immediately told the driver that some of their guests have been waiting for hours for their pick up going to the resort. I guess Misibis Bay really does have a problem not only with the maintenance of the property but with coordination as well. I hope that management will look into these things and do proper adjustments because Misibis Bay has a lot of potential (or what it used to be) in becoming a world-class destination resort in this side of the country.

Check in was fast and after getting our keys, we brought our luggage one floor up via stairs as the hotel does not have an elevator. Nobody approached us to help us move our luggage but I hope the staff will lend a hand to elderly guests and those traveling with kids.

The standard room seemed like it was meant for one person only. The bed was just a tad bit bigger than a single bed becoming it impossible to sleep comfortably when you're sharing it with another.

It may look good on photos but the room smelled old and was poorly maintained. For Php3500/night, it was one of the most regretful decisions I ever made in hotel booking.

The shower enclosure and flooring needs serious scrubbing. The hot water was on and off as well.

Buffet breakfast was included in the rate but rather limited to Filipino breakfast with toast, butter and jam, garlic rice, corned beef, fried dilis, omelette and chicken adobo.

Verdict: The hotel is overpriced and overrated - we're definitely not coming back!


Hotel Venezia
Renaissance Gardens, Washington Drive
Cruzada, Legaspi City
Albay, Philippines
Tel.: (6352) 481-0888

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