Thursday, March 23, 2017

Beauty Collagen Hotpot at Bijin Nabe by Tsukada Nojo

A hotpot that promises good skin? Yeah, of course I'm in!

As much as I was looking forward to finally trying out Tsukada Nojo's famous hotpot, we were this close to walking out with the restaurant's slow and amateur service. From the unmanned reception to having no visible manager around to guide the clueless staff, its surprising that a franchise can be this disorganized, a far cry from how the Japanese does it - flawless and close to perfection.

We were actually surprised that there were unoccupied tables while the staff made us wait outside for about 10 minutes for no apparent reason. We also had to ask several times for the menu then the utensils, tissue, and condiments because what we had was a bare table with no set-up.

The utensils and tissue placed in a single container for easier and faster distribution. Finally!

What we ordered

Smoked Salmon Spring Roll - Php210.00

I rate this at 8/10 with the refreshing combination of fresh vegetables and smoked salmon. Could be a 10/10 if it had more salmon with extra smokey flavor. Best enjoyed with sweet chili sauce.

Star of the table - the broth made from melted collagen!

Collagen is the protein that aids in rebuilding dead cells for a youthful and glowing skin. From the highly-prized Jidori chicken, its protein is extracted and made into pudding form for easier transport as this precious soup is sourced directly from Japan to maintain its quality.

Bijin Nabe - Php750.00 per portion

A wide array of fresh and organic ingredients are included in the hotpot such as prawns, lettuce, red radish, sunflower sprout, enoki mushrooms, baby sweet potato leaves, baby corn, lady's finger, deep fried tofu, zucchini, fresh black fungus, tori tsukune (chicken meatball), and chicken.

Patience is a virtue because good things come to those who wait.

The staff gave us a shot of the collagen soup before she added the ingredients and we were blown away! The soup was ultra rich and so tasty, definitely a game changer for hotpot enthusiasts.

The entire process of cooking Bijin Nabe is orderly and meticulous, takes time from putting the ingredients one by one, but trust me when I say that you wouldn't want it any other way. So if you're looking for a premium and extraordinary meal, a trip to Tsukada Nojo is worth venturing out. Besides, the promise of a younger looking skin is something anyone won't be able to resist, ladies especially. Just hope the service would improve and the staff be more attentive and accommodating because bad service could ruin the collagen's natural healing process!


Bijin Nabe by Tsukada Nojo
2/F S Maison (below Conrad Manila)
Seaside Blvd. corner Coral Way
Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel.: (632) 809-1268

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