Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My Travel Essential: Bose SoundTrue On-Ear Headphones

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Bose headphones 

I usually listen to music to entertain myself while en route to my destination or until I doze off to sleep. Oftentimes, I just use my iPhone headset because its lightweight and easy to carry. Sound quality was not really a big deal as long as it plays okay and does what it's supposed to do - bring good music to my ears. Well, that seemed true until I discovered Bose SoundTrue Headphones.

Why I love it:
  • It features an advanced acoustic design to deliver clear and natural audio
  • Its extremely lightweight and comfortable to use
  • It folds up to fit in a compact case perfect for traveling
  • It has softly padded headband and memory foam cushion 
  • Comes in usual white and black but there's also a mint and purple/mint version
  • Its affordable for a Bose entry-level headphone (got mine on sale for less than Php5000)
  • A head-turner because of its stylish design!

Music and travel go together like the Boracay sunset and a tall glass of Choco Banana shake from Jonah's, you simply cannot enjoy the first without the other or vice versa. And while there is a plethora of headphones available in the market, Bose is still and will always be my trusted brand to play my favorite songs especially during those dreaded long-haul flights.

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