Friday, May 31, 2019

Costa NeoRomantica Day 5: Busan, SK

Final leg of the Costa NeoRomantica Cruise brought us to Busan - South Korea's 2nd most populous city next to its capital, Seoul. It was both CS and myself's first time in Busan and the allotted 6-hour port call was insufficient in exploring this bustling city known for its fantastic seafood, glistening beaches, historic temples, and majestic natural wonders.

One of the many things we wanted to do in Busan was to visit a local market and a short research brought us to Gukje Market - Busan's largest traditional outdoor market. Open from 0900AM to 0800PM daily, visitors can enjoy an assortment of local street food  and shopping fashionable apparels, agricultural products, kitchen appliances, toys, and souvenirs.

You have not been to Korea if you do not smell like barbecue at least once a day! So for lunch, we just randomly chose a local restaurant in Gukje Market and delightfully enjoyed a filling meal of grilled beef and pork marinated in different flavors with loads of kimchi.

A trip to the local supermarket is also a must if you like hoarding Korean snacks, biscuits, nuts, and sauces like me. We also dropped by a bakery for some breads and danish to go.

That concludes our 5-day Costa NeoRomantica Jewels of the Far East Cruise; hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I loved reminiscing the delicious meals, the incredible shows, the enjoyable port calls, and the amazing staff we met at Costa Cruises!

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