Friday, October 30, 2020

A Dinner to Remember at Tokyo's Standing Sushi Bar

It's already been 3 years but I can still vividly remember how amazing this random dinner was. We were strolling along the side streets of Shinjuku when we chanced upon this standing sushi bar with a fairly manageable queue outside. Curious that we were, CS and I spent a good few minutes waiting for our number to be called for what we didn't know was a treat fit for the lucky few. Yes, the experience was really good that we still dream of going back there someday.

Menu was simple and uncomplicated but tough choices have to be made as it was a feast of the best and freshest sushi available that day. Customers can fill up the forms provided or you can just swing it by telling the chef which ones you like from the items displayed on the bar; we chose to the latter because we love surprises!

These were some of the best sushi we've had in all of our trips to Japan. It was sooo good that we didn't mind if we were spending 2 days worth of food budget for a dinner because honestly, you'll get carried away ordering and trying to get a bite of each sushi they're offering that day.

Toro Sushi

Shimesaba Sushi

Unagi Sushi

Sake Sushi

Akagai Sushi

Salmon Belly Sushi

Maguro Sushi

Address in Shinjuku unknown; I don't even know the bar's English name aside from the "Standing Sushi Bar" so I highly doubt I can find it if and when we travel back to Tokyo soon. But hey, good things come to those who wait and I'm one patient girl.

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