Monday, October 26, 2020

The Family: Bangkok's Best Affordable Restaurant

I've always wanted to go and try one of Tripadvisor's highly recommended local restaurant in Bangkok named The Family. I remember planning to dine there thrice (on separate trips) but ended up cancelling mainly due to its limited operating hours. Last November 2019, I made sure to allot a particular day when we can finally visit and see what the rave is all about. We took a Grab car from Anantara Siam Hotel and travelled about 20 minutes just in time before they close for the day. In fact, we were the last customers that they accepted for dine in so lucky us!

What we ordered

Thai Iced Tea - THB40.00 (Php60.00)

Too sweet for our liking but it was a welcome treat on a humid day. 

Green Curry (Chicken) - THB90.00 (Php140.00)

We've always been fans of green chicken curry so whenever there's one on the menu, we just can't resist not trying it out. This particular version had the most ingredients we've ever seen thus making it appetizingly beautiful and with amazing marriage of flavors to boot. A must-try!

Tom Yum Soup (Seafood) - THB140.00 (Php262.00)

Not the best idea to order a hot and spicy soup on a sunny day but hey, it's the home of the best tasting Tom Yum in the city so we'll just have to endure the heat for the sake of a great meal. Their Tom Yum Seafood was another good-looking and generously-served dish to inspire tourists to head down to The Family because everything we ordered were excellent and pretty cheap too!

Mango Sticky Rice - THB

How can you go wrong with mango sticky rice, right? I thought all versions will taste the same anywhere you buy/order one but then again, The Family took this famous dessert a notch higher with its pandan-based sticky rice where you can control how much coconut milk you want in it. Order one per person because this one's too good to share with anyone!

A variety of local ice creams are also available for sale as protected with their in-house guard cat.


The Family
1/6 Prachathipatai Road
Khwaeng Ban Phan Thom
Bangkok, Thailand
Tel.: (6697) 173-3954

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