Tuesday, February 20, 2024

The Villa at Anantara Vacation Club, Phuket TH

It was my first time in Phuket and I am happy that my husband booked the best accommodation for our 4-day anniversary trip. Since there is no direct flight from Manila, Phuket is not really on my radar but when he showed me some photos of Anantara, I was instantly smitten!

Our one-bedroom pool villa at Anantara Vacation Club sits in a sprawling 188sqm fenced property and can accommodate up to 4 adults comfortably. It commands an approx $1000/night exclusive of breakfast. Click here to view room and villa availability and its current rates.

Our villa's amenities include a private courtyard with pool, covered terrace, separate living and dining areas, and fully-equipped kitchenette and laundry areas - basically anything and everything you need for a luxurious tropical getaway!

Coffee, tea, and milk are replenished daily.

Guests can enter the bedroom directly thru the door to your left or via the main entry which also leads to the equally massive bathroom with a standalone tub and rain shower.

Rubber slippers are provided and even a beach bag for your essentials.

Our bedroom has an easy access to the pool so you can just imagine my daughter's delight and excitement every time she wakes up and sees the pool just waiting for her to jump into. Priceless!

Thank you Anantara Vacation Club for this wonderful surprise!

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