Monday, June 6, 2016

Foodventures: Juicy Fresh Juice Bar, Seoul SK

Just next to the bus stop nearest to Rainbow Hostel Myeongdong is Juicy Fresh Juice Bar, a popular smoothie and juice shop with numerous branches all over Seoul. Out of curiosity, we checked it out before heading to Lemona House because when there's a line, it must be good!

The menu is posted in the walls so customers can choose what they want before reaching the counter. Since they ran out of strawberries, I settled for avocado which is my second favorite fruit. It was actually a toss up between ripe persimmon or avocado but the latter won as I wanted to check if the taste of avocado in Seoul is the same as what we have here in the Philippines.

Aside from smoothies, they also have churros available for a limited time only. The churros with chocolate ice cream was really good! The dark chocolate complemented the plain tasting churros and the packaging was perfect for walking around under Seoul's scorching weather.

Churros - Php60.00 (KRW1,500)

On the other hand, my avocado smoothie tasted like vegetable and nowhere near the creamy and sweet avocado we all love back home. Good thing I ordered the smallest size because it was the weirdest avocado smoothie I have ever tasted! More than our precious mangoes known to be the sweetest and juiciest in the world, Philippine fruits are indeed, beyond compare and this is one of those times that I feel proud and happy that we got to enjoy them all year round.

Avocado (Medium) - Php80.00 (KRW2,000)

No matter how bad or weird the taste it, I still managed to finish everything because it felt like I'm throwing away money if I don't. Though after that, I never tried any other flavor and just stuck to my favorite and oh so reliable strawberry shake!

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