Thursday, June 9, 2016

Foodventures: Mapo Mandu, Seoul SK

Who doesn't love dumplings anyway?

Mapo Mandu is yet another franchise we all love seeing around Seoul. Open until late at night and Sundays, it has been our unanimous choice for delicious and affordable Korean food. As we only stayed in Seoul for less than a week, a revisit to Mapo Mandu was a hard decision I had to forgo. After all, the list of restaurants and food that we wanted to try is still a page long.

Chopsticks, spoons and the tissue box are neatly kept inside the drawer under each table. Its a great idea actually as it is more hygienic and could save some space for more food on the table!

What we ordered

Kimchi (Free and refillable)

Spicy fish cake (Free and refillable)

One of the things that I look forward to every meal in any Korean restaurant in Seoul or anywhere in the Philippines is the unlimited spicy fish cake! In fact, I ask for so many refills that I wish I can just buy from them to avoid getting the "here we go again" look from the servers.

But hey, if they're willing to give it for free, who am I to complain right? *wink*

Dumplings - Php120.00 (KRW3,000)

Dried Pollock Rice Cake Mandu Soup - Php180.00 (KRW4,500)

Kimbap - Php80.00 (KRW2,000)

Omelette Rice - Php200.00 (KRW5,000)

My favorites arranged in a manner of what I would order again if I was still hungry:

  1. Dumplings - It was sumptuous, I could eat this everyday next to the fish cake of course. I can probably survive a week in Korea with just these 2 dishes. And some rice.
  2. Kimbap - Happy that it had more ingredients than rice, opposite of how they do it in Manila. 
  3. Mandu Soup - The soup was tasty and the noodles was firm, there are bonus dumplings too! 
  4. Omelette Rice - Could do a lot better if there's less sauce and more toppings, the cabbage and macaroni salad should also be served separately so the flavors won't mix.
So if you're looking for cheap yet delicious eats in Seoul, just look for the red and yellow sign of Mapo Mandu. More savings from food means more shopping money! *wink*


Mapo Mandu
393-1, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu
Seoul, South Korea
Tel.: (822) 2268-9842

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