Monday, June 20, 2016

Foodventures: Meet Fresh, Seoul SK

Another travel mantra I try to live by is to always leave room for dessert. While Manila has its fair share of delicious desserts, its still nice to try something different in a new environment. Exhausted from hours of shopping around Hongdae, we searched for a place where we could rest. Requirements are: (1) must be indoors with air-conditioning and (2) serves yummy dessert.

Enter Meet Fresh, a Taiwanese dessert place with more than 100 stores around the world. To preserve its traditional taste, the desserts are made in the old-fashioned way using only natural ingredients and no preservatives. This way, Meet Fresh products are served fresh and healthy.

The display in the counter is a bad idea for people trying to cut down on their sugar intake yet a genius marketing ploy for the establishment as the mouthwatering display will make you want to order everything on the menu! If I was a collector, I'd probably choose food displays to collect.

Good thing our self-control was high enough that we only ordered their top bestseller.

On the table

Mango Crushed Ice/Bingsu (Single)

Patbingsu is Korea's most popular dessert. In fact, you'd see people lining up for this dessert even during winter time, just like what we did last year. Aside from bingsu, Meet Fresh also offers other desserts like homemade taro balls and a wide variety of tea blended drinks.

But it was their Bingsu that allured us to come inside Meet Fresh so we ordered more!

Mango Crushed Ice/Bingsu (For Sharing)

The servings were HUGE! The single order can be made for sharing while the bigger size can feed 3 to 4 people. While we always make it a point to avoid having leftovers, I gave up half way feeling so full and chilly. The air-conditioning that we longed for suddenly felt like our worst enemy.

Man vs. Food (Seoul Edition)
Meet Fresh: 1
Me: 0


Meet Fresh
364-1, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu
Seoul, South Korea
Tel.: (822) 2322-7423

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