Tuesday, October 23, 2018

My Top 3 Food Finds at Yufuin, Oita JP

It's been months since we've traveled to Yufuin but there are things - delicious things to be exact, that still haunts me to this day. I always tell my friends who worry too much on where to eat in Japan to just follow where the locals are lining up! Call me bias but I have not met a single person who doesn't love Japanese cuisine - even my 6 year old nephew requests it from time to time.

Yufuin's Yunotsubo Kaido is a long street of charming little cafes, restaurants, food stalls, and boutiques selling interesting souvenirs and local sweets. You'll be amazed how a simple treat can turn into a bestseller with people lining up to taste some of these Japanese ingenuity. If you're traveling to Yufuin soon, I've listed below my three favorite street foods to help you decide which ones to prioritize because trust me, you'll get confused with so many options left and right!

  • Yufuin Kinsho Croquettes - A delicious snack not to be missed, these croquettes are delicious, cheap, less oily, crispy, and warm which was perfect for the cold weather last February. You can choose from any of the following flavors for just JPY160 each: original, cheese (my top pick), curry, crab cream, and menchi (meat cake). 

  • Milch Cafe - With several shops in Yufuin, Milch is our go-to spot for one of the best bottled pudding in Japan at JPY300 per bottle. It was creamy but not overly sweet - a perfect dessert before and after each meal. I also enjoyed watching the chocolate melt with every stir in my hot drink, a great buy for JPY380 a cup.

  • B Speak -The first shop to greet you in Yunotsubo Kaido, B Speak sells the ever popular Swiss Rolls that come in two sizes - small (JPY475) and large (JPY1,420), which you can also get in either plain (original) or chocolate flavor. Remember to come early as these treats get sold out really fast! As with most things in Japan, the rolls come in a beautiful packaging and can be brought home in a cooler bag (additional JPY280 - JPY350) to preserve its freshness. As for the taste, the original flavored Swiss Roll we tried was light, fluffy, and really good; worth the hype if you ask me.

More than the delicious treats we tried in Yunotsubo Kaido, CS and I also get to enjoy the natural, traditional and modern scenery that Yufuin has to offer. Besides, we need to walk all the way to Lake Kinrin and back to burn those calories we gained from eating way too much in Japan!

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