Sunday, August 21, 2011

El Nido Beach Hotel

Since we were on a budget and simply could not afford to book ourselves in the prestigious El Nido Resorts (I am lucky I was able to stay there back in 2008, see some of my photos here) we got the next best thing and got three rooms in El Nido Beach Hotel located in the town proper.

Stunning views from our hotel room.

Owned and operated by a Korean family (I think) El Nido Beach Hotel is one of the better accommodations this side of the island.

Since we are a group of 11, we opted to book 3 family rooms for Php5,000 each per night. The family rooms they arranged for us have 1 king size and 2 single beds. Amenities include air-conditioning, complimentary internet access, cable TV, hot and cold shower (though these are useless come 6am to 2pm since there's no electricity in the island, you're lucky if you're hotel has a 24/7 generator which we didn't have) and the views that would make you catch the sunrise at six in the morning.

One family room for the guys

Breakfast is served from 6am to 9am only. Buffet spread include breads, pancake, cereals, fried rice, vegetables, corned beef, eggs and fruits with free flowing iced tea, mango juice, coffee and tea.

My friends loved the Guyabano which according to them was very sweet.

We could have booked on a cheaper hotel but we wanted to have a worry-free and comfortable vacation so we chose the one we thought would meet these standards.

Besides, how can you say no to this?

Click here to go to El Nido Beach Hotel's website!

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