Saturday, August 20, 2011

Enchanting El Nido

Located approximately two hours away from Manila by plane (depends really on the type of aircraft you take) is where the sea, sun, sand and marble cliffs meet to form an enchanting place most people only see in postcards.

I am so happy to be back!

As far as I know, only SEAir and Island Transvoyager Inc. (ITI) flies directly to El Nido Airport on a regular basis. Though you can also opt to fly private which normally cost an arm and a leg. So better watch out for SEAir and ITI's promo fares. Yes, even ITI offers promotional rate for as low as Php2,000 one way according to a friend who works there. Or as what most people do, fly to Puerto Princesa and take the five-hour land trip to paradise.

Welcome to El Nido Airport!

From the airport, we were picked up by the van arranged by El Nido Beach Resort and took the 10-minute ride to the town proper.

So quiet and peaceful

After checking in at the hotel, we walked around the town in search of the perfect restaurant that would satisfy our seafood cravings. Everyone we asked recommended Squido's Restaurant and they were right of course. It was the best restaurant in town! By 12noon, we were already on our way to the nearby islands arranged by our good friend who works in ITI (he's based in El Nido so he knows the good deals) which I would be sharing in the next entry.

Our last day in the island (we only had two, so insufficient time!) was reserved for buying souvenirs and massage!

The best souvenirs can be found in El Nido Boutique and Art Cafe found 5-minute trike ride away from our hotel.

Souvenir shirts cost between Php150 - Php220 depending on the color and sizes.

You can also buy diving and swimming gears, artworks and other knick-knacks here.

Flavored tobacco

A tourist testing the flute. Hope he bought it!

For your sweet cravings

Happy to serve!

So happy to shop *wink*

We also dropped by the local market to buy seafood to take home.

Fresh catch of the day

Lapu-lapu and Tanigue cost around Php100- Php150 a kilo. And I tell you, it was the best tasting fish I've ever had!
Even after two days in the freezer, it was still almost as fresh as it was from the market.

By 11am, while my friends went for a dip one last time in the clear waters of El Nido, I walked across the street and had the Shiatsu/Swedish combination massage at Lucille's Massage and Spa.

Massage rates

I fell asleep for a couple of minutes during the massage only to be awaken by the sudden whoosh of cold air in my legs. It was raining!

This is the good life!

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  1. best ever vacay I had so far! worth the 7hr. land trip. you're lucky to be back!


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