Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Makchang Korean Restaurant

It took a lot of wrong turns and mistaken identities before we finally saw the lit up signage of Makchang Korean Restaurant located just beside Robinsons Place Malate. We arrived around 8pm due to the terrible Friday traffic and had to wait at least 15 minutes more for a table to become available as the place was packed with Koreans and locals as well.

Makchang is a hole-in-the-wall Korean favorite so I'm pretty sure everything and anything we'll order is delicious and will never disappoint. Though I can't honestly say I feel the same with the way they clean the tables, the hurried service and the pile of tissue scattered on the floor. Good thing the food was superb or I would be running out to the door faster than the waiters can say, "Annyeong Haseyo!" in unison.

On the table

Unlike in most Korean restaurants where Banchan usually occupies 3/4 of the table, Makchang only serves four -- Kimchi, Spicy Scallions & Beansprouts, Miso Soup and Sweet Potato.


Spicy Scallions & Beansprouts

Miso Soup

Lettuce & Mint Leaves for your meats

Beef Galbi - Php480.00

Galbisal - Php550.00

Pork Galbi - Php250.00

And so the rumors are indeed true! Makchang is really one of the best Korean restaurants in city that serves premium meats without leaving a hole in your pocket. I especially liked the Galbisal and Pork Galbi with the perfect blend of a little spice, salty and sweet flavors. Kudos to the waiter who never left our table to make sure our plates never ran out of meats and refilled our Banchan without even asking him to do so.

By the way, they don't give out menus here so you'll just have to check out the menu board posted on the wall but with the delicious offerings they have in Makchang, I think a huge billboard is more fitting and appropriate.


Makchang Korean Restaurant
Adriatico St. corner Pedro Gil
Manila, Philippines

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